Dear MCCLA Community:

In accordance to the City of San Francisco’s COVID19 Virus prevention mandate, MCCLA will be closed until April 7th, and all classes and events cancelled until further notice. Should you need to contact us, please email us directly at:

We appreciate your understanding and health precautions.

Estimada Comunidad del MCCLA:

De acuerdo a la ordenanza de la Ciudad de San Francisco, en prevención del virus COV19, el MCCLA estará cerrado hasta el 7 de abril. Si necesita comunicarse con nosotros, hágalo mediante correo electrónico a:

Agradecemos su comprensión y precaución en este momento. Protéjase!
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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Steps to Prevent Illness

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The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (MCCLA) was established in 1977 by artists and community activists with a shared vision to promote, preserve and develop the Latino cultural arts that reflect the living tradition and experiences of the Chicano, Central and South American, and Caribbean people. MCCLA makes the arts accessible as an essential element to the community's development and well-being.

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