• Zine Workshop with Marsha Shaw

    Zine Workshop
    with Marsha Shaw

    October 15th
    12pm - 3pm
    All Ages

    For the last 45 years public participation, resistance and social change has been the hallmark of the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. This zine (pronounced “zeen”) workshop is intended to bring together multi-generational students who are interested in exploring the ideas of social justice, politics, and current issues through self-expression.

    During this workshop students will learn how to fold, collate, and bind several different book structures. There will be plenty of examples to look at and the instructor will share her personal collection of zines. Copying the zines for distribution will be discussed.


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  • Don’t Eat Your Fruits and Veggies!!!

    Don't Eat Your Fruits and Veggies!!!
    Printmaking for Kids & Youth

    October 22nd
    12pm - 3pm

    Ages 8-12

    Use up your old fruits and veggies the artistic way! In this class students will learn to make beautiful patterns using fruits and veggies. They will learn about repetition, color and layering of shapes in this fun three-hour workshop.

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    Printmaking Workshop