Due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, our in-person classes have been cancelled until further notice.


Zoe Reidy Watts
Ages: 18+
Price: $20

About This Class

This class is open to everyone, from beginner to advanced screen printers working on paper and textiles. Students will learn all the aspects of screen printing, from the preparation of positives and screens to the burning of images, registration, and printing of multicolor/one-color images. The studio provides instruction, reclaiming area, screens (used on site), emulsion (for one small screen), exposure unit, and studio space.


  • Your image on acetate
  • Screen
  • Emulsion
  • Water-based screen printing ink (paper or textile)
  • Newsprint
  • Plastic containers (no food containers)
  • Tape: 3M packaging tape and masking tape
  • Opaque paint pens (for drawing on film
  • Exacto knife and replacement blades
  • Transparency film for registration
  • Repositionable spray tack
  • What you are printing on: paper or textiles

Unfortunately we do not provide or sell any materials.
We encourage new students to come and visit before taking the class.