• Saturday


    Studio B


Juan De Dios Soto
Lydia Soto
Ages: 14+
Price before Registration: $12
Price with Registration: $8
Registration: $35

About This Class

Come join the Mission Cultural Center’s Carnaval Comparsa, Corazón del Barrio — El Corazón de la Mission Late Para Todos! (The Heart of Mission Beats for Everyone).

Dancers of all ages and abilities over the age 14 years old are welcome to join our main dance group. If you don’t want to dance you can still join us in many other capacities! We need volunteers to help with fun crafting for props prior to the parade and volunteers the day of the parade to join by being parade monitor, handing out water, playing an instrument or marching with a flag!

Choreographers: Lydia Soto and Juan de Dios Soto