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Suzanne Cortez
All Ages
Price: $10

About This Class

Orquesta Del Barrio is a 2 hour class weekly ongoing class that has hands on training for all ages to learn basic knowledge of all instruments and vocal coaching. This is a great way to play music with a band at beginning to intermediate level. Come and be part of Orquesta del Barrio. (Some instruments provided.)

About the Instructor

Suzanne Cortez, Music Instructor, has performed with World Renowned musicians such as Ritchie Ray and Bobby Cruz, Karl Perrazo (Santana), Chepito Areas (formerly with Santana, Latin Rock Hall of Fame, and Michael Carabello (formerly with Santana). She has also played with Pharaoh Sanders who’s performed with (John Coltrane) she has also performed with Francisco Aquabella of (Malo) and has played with Pete and Sheila Escovedo. She is known “To keep the music going.” She leads her own Orquesta Adelante, the Mission District’s own. She brings her 30 years of music experience to the MCCLA. Suzanne has led choirs and ensembles and has taught many youths and adults to sing and play instruments that have not had any musical knowledge or experience.