Maisa Duke
    Ages: 18+
    Price: $15

    About This Class

    In this class, students will combine the fundamentals of the traditional Brazilian samba dance with a full body workout. Students need only exercises clothes and jazz shoes.

    The Brazilian Samba Dance Workout technique requires coordination of many body parts, plus it is rather fast. Yes, Samba does require as much coordination of your body parts as possible. So here are some tips for Brazilian samba basic technique.

    1) Bouncing action is the key for samba basic characterization. Bouncing action is created from bending and straightening of the knees (and compression of ankles) and also raising and lowering of the heel in between the whole counts!

    If you want to burn a ridiculous amount of calories while learning how to dance samba like the fit girls in Brazil? Just in time for Carnaval S.F. So come to my Dance Classes in San Francisco/Oakland and l will teach you the real Brazilian Samba “no pe” technique and authentic Samba choreography. Samba no pé (literally “samba on your feet”) is a high energy dance style that is the most common samba style in Brazil. It is a solo dance that moves with the beat of the bateria drums. This is sure to be the most fun you will have ever experience. Just come and try it out! A great workout!