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Juan De Dios Soto
Lydia Soto
All Ages
Price: $13

About This Class

This high energy class explores traditional percussion and dance styles from Peru while incorporating other latin rhythms and dance styles. This class incorporates basic stretches and strengthening within an improvisational warm up set to Afro Peruvian. Students will also work on refining rhythm, dance and musicality through listening activities and the use of cajones and other instruments and props.

Dancers in this class will improve flexibility and coordination through fun, age appropriate movement and exercises. Class is occasionally accompanied by live musicians to help students understand the communication between the drums and the dance. Please come and enjoy the dance and music!

About the Instructors

Lydia Soto

Lydia is a choreographer, dancer, and co-founder of the Tradicion Peruana Cultural Center. She grew up in Lima, Peru. Lydia Soto has taught and performed Afro-Peruvian dance since came to the United States in 1993. Lydia comes from a very talented family. She started dancing in Peru from a very early age in schools, colleges, and communities. Today Lydia is the choreographer-director of Jaranon y Bochinche dance performance company. Lydia also teaches classes to students of different ages throughout the Bay Area.

Lydia has led her group to participate in the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, Theater Artaud, Encuentro Popular, and at many other Bay Area venues. Lydia also was part of “Windows to the World” and “Raices Negras”, which are two well-received dance and music performances in the Bay Area.

Juan de Dios Soto (Percussion)

Peruvian dancer, musician, and founder of Tradicion Peruana Cultural Center, Juan de Dios Soto has taught and performed Cajon and Afro-Peruvian percussion since came to the United States in 1991 from Lima, Peru. As part of his cultural traditions Juan was raised playing the Cajon with his family and community. Today he is the musical director of Jaranon y Bochinche
dance Performance Company and teaches classes to students and musicians throughout the Bay Area. Juan has led his group to participate in San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, Theater Artaud, Encuentro Popular, and at many other Bay Area venues. Juan also created and directed two well received dance and music performances, “Windows to the World” and “Raices Negras”.

Juan teaches Cajon classes and workshops to all ages throughout the Bay Area, at schools, Universities, community and cultural centers. His dynamic teaching style and passion for sharing his cultural roots and music comes has inspired students to study with Juan and develop their percussive skills under his direction.

Facebook: Tradición Peruana Cultural Center
Instagram: @perutpcc