Saludos, saludos, vengo a saludar!

Happy Holidays

2020’s COVID-19 virus came terribly unexpected, intense, depressing, and mortal.Today, nearing the end of the year, we are still in full blown pandemic, with glimmer hopes of a quick cure.We all have our share of stories; how lives have been impacted and transformed in a definite and perhaps irreversible way.In our particular case, after our March’s closure, we attempted re-entry in November (8 months later), to close a week later by City ordinance; this time until 2021!

Truth is, a single virus brought us a different consciousness, and a thousand and one ways to appreciate our lives, jobs, and relationships, at every level. Nonetheless, and motivated like many others, MCCLA shifted focus and re-directed efforts to “La Cueva del Jaguar” (The Jaguar’s Cave), an innovative mix of online programming. Through creativity, local talent, and technology, we were able to reach the community and re-establish the “dialogue”. The positive and healing value of the arts has grounded and sustained so many in their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Let’s hope 2021 will be “friendlier” and safer to us, and that lessons learned bring about more serious reflection, compassion, and a healthy dose of commitment. Our kudos to all Mission District organizations working tirelessly to provide food, shelter and services on a daily basis. MCCLA for one, will continue working with local artists and teachers to produce relevant programming. Our quest to preserve, promote and develop the Latino arts and culture will continue to expand to reach out to a more diverse and global (virtual) community.

MCCLA family wishes you happy holidays full of joy and magic!

De todo corazón,

Jennie E Rodriguez

Jennie E. Rodriguez