How To Rent A Studio

To rent a studio, call Mission Gráfica at (415) 643-2786 or email at

You can also come by during business hours: between Tuesday and Thursday from 10am to 9pm, on Friday from 10am to 6pm, and on Saturday from 10am to 5pm.

Studios vary in availability, thus a call in advance is always appreciated.

Please note Mission Gráfica only provides the space and equipment for printing. We do not provide materials (inks, paper, screens, and emulsion).


Printmaking Equipment

• 32" x 56” Griffin etching press • 27" x 47” Griffin etching press • 19” x 32” etching press • 2 areas for inking • Assorted work tables • Guillotine • 2 Light tables • Trays assorted sizes

Screen Printing Equipment:

• Exposure unit with 43” x 62” bed • Darkroom • Screen pressure washer • Assorted work tables • Guillotine • Light tables • Squeegees

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Studio Rental Rates

Printing & Screen Printing Facilities:

• Half day: $25
• Full day: $40
• One month: $130

Textile Studio Rentals

• 1 Day: $60

Studio rentals include space and equipment for printing, exposure unit, and wash out sink.
Monthly rentals also include flat file and storage area.

Other Services

Cleaning, Coating, and Exposure Jobs:

• $10.00 for small size (12x18 or smaller)
• $15.00 for standard screen (18x22)
• $20.00 to $25.00 for large screen (24x36 or larger)

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