• Mole Para Morirse: Concurso 2014

    • Wednesday, November 19, 2014
    • From 6:30 to 10:00 pm
    • 2nd Floor Gallery
    • $7 admission

    La historia del mole se remota a la época pre-Colombina y hay varias versiones sobre el origen del mole como lo conocemos actualmente. Se narra que los aztecas preparaban para los grandes señores un platillo complejo llamado “mulli,” que signifca potaje o mezcla. Otra de las historias ubica al mole poblano en el convento de Santa Rosa en la ciudad de Puebla (Mexico) cuando una monja molió diferentes chiles y otros condimentos juntos en un metate. Otra version cuenta que el mole se complementa con especies traidos por los Españoles, quienes transformaron la fusion del mole. Como vez, el mole tiene una historia…

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    Mole 2014
  • Carnaval 2014: Copa De Amor Y Ritmo

    • Grand Parade: Sunday, May 25, 2014
    • Dance Classes: Saturdays February 1st to May 24th
    • From 3:15 PM to 4:30 PM
    • Studio B (3rd Floor)
    • $8 Class ($6 with Discount Coupons)

    "Copa de Amor Y Ritmo" reflects the overall theme of the 2014 Carnaval by saluting the World Cup in our "Copa" presentation. The contingent has wonderful uplifting music, rhythms, and dance moves in its choreography. Our cup overflows with our Latino dance and our Love for our culture!

    MCCLA's contingent presents a contemporary fusion of Latino Caribbean movement fused with reggaeton, a little Zumba (Brazilian inspired movement) and cumbia. We call our dance choreography SalzaZumbaton! Like MCCLA's mission, we represent all Latino culture and elements. Brenda Perdue,…

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    Copa De Amor Y Ritmo
  • Carnaval 2013: Barrunto En El Barrio

    • Grand Parade: May 25, 2013
    • Choreographer: Neo Garcia

    Barrunto En El Barrio: Image Gallery

    , is proud to present its entry for the San Francisco Carnaval Parade, and the 2011 theme of "Live Your Fantasy!" "Areito! Timba Y Chancletas!" is our fantasy of what the Pre-Columbian festivals held throughout the Caribbean region have evolved into. "Areito" is a Taino word used throughout many of the major islands in the Caribbean, including Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, and the Bahamas, where ever the Taino lived and gathered for their celebrations. These gatherings would last for days according to early chroniclers of the indigenous people of the…

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    Areito! Timba Y Chancletas!
  • Carnaval 2010: Mi Groovy Boogaloo

    • Grand Parade: May 30, 2010

    Thriving in the heart of the Mission District for 33 years, the MCCLA has been a staple in Carnaval San Francisco since it’s early days. MCCLA’s contingent prides itself on being open to people of all ages and dance abilities. This year, we enter our 5th year of partnership with Edison Academic Charter School. Together with youth from our Multicultural Afterschool Program and our adult dancers, we will present “MI GROOVY BOOGALOO” for the 2010 Carnaval SF Parade. Our theme takes a fond look back at the colorful and highly musical latin-retro period of the late 1960s.

    Elizabeth Soberanes, former Carnaval Queen and creator of Latin Dance Grooves, is the Lead Choreographer.…

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    Carnaval 2010: Mi Groovy Boogaloo