• Call for Cocineros: Mole to Die for 2018


    Register before: November 9 • 6pm
    Event date: November 16
    Entry Fee: $15

    Bring out your abuelita’s recipe and participate in MCCLA’s 15th Annual mole contest; enjoy the best authentic flavors of traditional Mole! Mole (pronounced moe-lay) comes from the Nahuatl word mōlli (sauce) or chīlmōlli (chile sauce). Mole has a variety of flavors and styles. Come and check it out!

    1) While you can cook the Mole with meat, any pieces of meat in the final sauce will be cause for disqualification.
    2) All Mole sauces must be brought in a crockpot.
    3) Contestants must bring their own serving spoon.
    4) Bring your Mole to MCCLA at 5:30pm on Friday, September 7th.
    5) Because the contest has become very popular, bring enough Mole for 200 samples (served in 2oz cups.)

    1st Place:$300
    2nd Place:$200
    3rd Place: $100

    Contact: Alejandro Meza (415) 643-2796 or events@missionculturalcenter.org

    Register Here

    Llamado a los Cocineros: Mole Para Morirse

    Fecha Límite: 24 de Agosto • 6:00pm
    Fecha del evento: 7 de Septiembre
    Registro: $15

    ¿Tienes una receta de Mole que trae a todos chupandose los dedos? ¿Aún conservas la receta de tu abuelita?

    1) Puedes cocinar el Mole con carne, pero no debe haber ningún pedazo de carne en la salsa. (Será motivo de descalificación.)
    2) Todas las salsas de Mole deben ser traídas en una olla eléctrica (crockpot).
    3) Todos los concursantes deben traer sus propias cucharas para servir.
    4) Debes traer tu Mole al MCCLA a las 5:30pm el día viernes 7 de Septiembre
    5) Ahora que el concurso es muy popular, prepara suficiente salsa para 200 degustaciones de vasitos de 2 oz cada uno.

    1er Lugar:$300
    2do Lugar:$200
    3er Lugar: $100

    Contacto: Alejandro Meza (415) 643-2796 or events@missionculturalcenter.org

    Registrate Aquí

  • Postcolonial Revenge

    Call for Artists: Post Colonial Revenge


    Deadline: Fri Oct 19, 2018 • 12am
    Artists notified: Wed, Oct 24, 2018
    Entry fee: $15

    Revenge is defined as the “satisfaction obtained by repaying an injury or wrong” or “an opportunity for retaliation; a chance to win after an earlier defeat.” The field of Postcolonial studies emerged as a way to bring forward voices and T/truths that were hidden from master narratives. Postcolonial studies has allowed us to see that Western empires built their foundations on the labor, exploitation and stealing of resources from what are now known as Third-World countries. Today, many communities that are labeled “marginal” in the U.S. are here because of the infliction of violence by Western powers. However, that is not to say that communities that were faced with dispossession or forced to leave their homelands have given in to colonial forces. Postcolonial Revenge is an opportunity to come together to celebrate the win of not giving into a system that enacts injury and violence onto black, brown, indigenous, immigrant, queer, and working-class livelihoods.

    Postcolonial Revenge centers resistance, resilience and resurgence against Western epistemological beliefs. Indigenous, Black, Chicanx, Filipinx, South East/Asian, and Middle Eastern voices are among those that have pushed against Western settler-colonial ideas which center hetero-patriarchal ideals in attempt to eradicate culture, language, and ancestral linage. The works in this show will highlight inter-generational voices that continue to work against settler-colonial oppressive structures pre and post-civil rights. Post-Colonial Revenge will interweave works that deal with resurgence, rage, justice, ancestors and collective healing from inter-generational trauma. The exhibition chooses to highlight these themes, so they can serve as a departure to create a new center, away from colonial structures which sought to destroy us.

    • Bio
    • Contact information
    • Send up to 5 samples of your work that meets the theme or title
    • Images of the work you want to show. Format .jpeg or sketches of intended work
    • All images of artwork should include title, medium, dimensions, and value
    • One paragraph description on how the work is related to the theme of the exhibit
    • Add a link to your website/instagram if you have one

    Entry fee: $15 in form of a money order made payable to Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, pay over the phone with credit card at 415 821-1155 (credit card payments are subject to a small service charge) or online:

    Pay Entry Fee

    Entries must be submitted by Friday, October 19th, 2018 in person at:
    Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. 2nd floor.
    2868 Mission Street.
    San Francisco, CA 94110
    or email at: postcolonialrevenge@gmail.com

    Important dates:
    • Deadline to send entries: Friday, October 19th, 2018. Midnight.
    • Selected artists will be notified by: Wednesday, October 24th, 2018.
    • Installation starts: January 2, 2019- January 17, 2019
    • Opening reception: January 18, 2019
    • Exhibit dates: January 18, 2019- February 22, 2019
    • Work retrieval period: February 23, 2019- March 1, 2019

  • Call for Choreographer: Carnaval 2019


    Proposal deadline: Sat Nov 30, 2018
    Grand Parade: Sun May 26, 2019

    MCCLA is seeking proposals from experienced choreographer(s) with demonstrated teaching skills to create a thematic Carnaval choreography, and to teach that choreography to classes of adults and children of all skill levels.

    Proposal's theme and concept should relate to Carnaval San Francisco’s 2019 theme "Culture Heals."

    Carnaval Archive

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