About Mission Gráfica

Mission Gráfica was established in 1977, at the same time the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts was founded. Our name is a melding of meaning: Mission in english, is an undertaking and a political commitment to social change, and Gráfica in Spanish, established a Latino identity and defends our roots and values. Mission Gráfica offers low cost screen cleaning and exposing services, classes and studio rentals to the community. We also offer great support for established and emerging artists who are new to printmaking to produce great and consistent prints.

Mission Gráfica Archive

Within our archive, we have cataloged more than 4,000 Latino/Chicano prints and posters, making it one of the most important collections in the country. With this archive MCCLA possesses an important artistic tool to educate the general public and the Latino community, about its artist and their printmaking. The preservation of this body and work is vital to our rich Chicano and Latino cultural history, and it serves as a powerful monument not only to our culture but also to the artistic talents of our proud community.


Etching and Relief room

  • 32” x 56” Griffin etching press
  • 27” x 47” Griffin etching press
  • 19” x 32” Griffin etching press
  • Two areas for inking
  • Assorted work tables
  • Guillotine for large format paper
  • Two light tables
  • Vertical and Horizontal Phosphoric acid bath for copper plate etching


  • Exposure Unit with 43” x 62” bed
  • Dark room for screen coating
  • Pressure washer
  • Assorted work tables
  • Squeegees