Mission Gráfica Agreements

  1. Everyone must sign in when entering Mission Gráfica, visiting Mission Gráfica or Renting the space. Sign in sheet is located in the front door of Mission Gráfica.
  2. Renters, students and other artists MUST LABEL Personal tools, Inks, photo Emulsion, and screens with your Name and legible Phone number.
  3. People should not use Food or glass Containers to store Inks and cleaning solvents.
  4. Do not leave tape scraps or dried ink on any of the sinks.
  5. Renters, students and other artists must put screens in a screen storage rack.
  6. Open studio Renters may not produce more than 20 prints during a class. Although we are a community printshop we must respect that we are using this space at the same time a class is going on.
  7. Renters are limited to 3 screens in the studio. If you are a day or half day renter, screens can stay up to 2 days. Day and Half day renters will need to sign into the temporary screen storage sheet.
  8. Theft of in-studio and people’s materials and use of other renters' screens and inks without consent will result in a penalty fee and be prohibited to return after 3 strikes of violation. We will not tolerate theft at Mission Gráfica.
  9. Everyone must clean up after themselves, Monitors are not there to clean up after others they are there to help with technical support and enforce safety in the studio.
  10. Do not put oiled paper on the Drying racks. If you feel any type of oiled substance in the drying racks please notify the Mission Gráfica Coordinator or the studio Monitor on duty.
  11. Everyone using the relief presses needs to bring their own Newsprint paper to protect press blankets and to keep press surfaces clean.
  12. Everyone must wear closed shoes while in the studio.
  13. Mission Gráfica is a community print shop, we ask that you donate tape, vegetable oil, sponges, or simple green as an offering to this wonderful Print Shop.
  14. Mission Gráfica will not tolerate, Racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, ableism and discrimination of any kind to staff, teachers, studio Monitors and studio users. If you see it at Mission Gráfica please report it. Send an email to the Mission Gráfica Coordinator. (Grafica@missionculturalcenter.org)
  15. Remember that this is a shared place. Be courteous.

Workplace Safety Rules

  • Obtain full instructions for operating any machines, or solvents which you are not familiar with.
  • Wear protective clothing, gloves, goggles etc....when required.
  • Never attempt to repair, or adjust electrical equipment unless the power switch has been properly turned off.
  • If you are sensitive to fumes, take frequent breaks.
  • Keep hands away from the press bed, roller or any other moving parts while someone else is operating.
  • Put all tools and equipment away when not in use. This includes inks, emulsion, screens etc.
  • Do not try to lift any item which is too heavy or bulky to be handled by one person.
  • If you Need Help ask for it!!!
  • Wear gloves and goggles at all times when working with solvents or bleach
  • Do not use defective equipment or tools. Report any defects immediately to your instructor, studio Monitor or studio Coordinator.
  • Do not stare or look directly into the exposure unit while exposing screens.
  • Do not AIM/Point or DIRECT POWER SPRAY GUN towards anyone while operating.
  • Keep your area, classroom clean and neat.
  • Never operate any machine or equipment unless specifically authorized to do so by your instructor.
  • Acid baths must be kept covered AT ALL TIMES unless instructor or studio Coordinator authorizes its use. In case of spill to eyes and or skin immediately flush with water or eye wash solution.
  • Never take chances If you are not sure please ask, monitors or the print coordinator. We are here to help you stay safe at Mission Gráfica!!!