Desde la Cueva del Jaguar!!

Enjoy our musical productions with local bands from your home!!

For this September 2020, the month of Las Americas, the MCCLA (Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts), salutes our communities of latinoamericanos not only in San Francisco, Ca. but around the world with a special gathering of Duos del Mundo, a virtual concert of three outstanding music duets based in California, Argentina and France. Join us for an hour of music including mostly canciones originales (original songs) with Silvia Balducci & Osvaldo Torres (Chile, France, Italy); Pablo Trosman y Teresa Méndez (Argentina) and Made & Feña: Madeleine Zayas & Fernando Torres (California, Chile and Puerto Rico).

Duos del Mundo sing to and celebrate the permanence and persistence of the cultural workers in the Mission District of San Francisco, the exemplary life of Puerto Rican revolutionary patriot Don Pedro Albizu Campos, the committed altruistic Salvador Allende and the tireless patriotic wo-men leaders, who are now fighting for the second Latin America’s independence.

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