• Opening: Friday, March 15, 2019
  • From 6:30 PM to 9 PM
  • Main Gallery (2nd Floor)
  • $5 Admission
  • Runs through: April 27, 2019

Guest curator: Veronica Solis.

Textiles have traditionally been associated with women throughout time and have undergone many changes that adapt to them. Textiles have long been compartmentalized within the domestic realm, so visibility of textiles in male-dominated art institutions have been minimal. In commemoration of women’s contribution to the art of textiles, we present our 32nd Sólo Mujeres exhibition, Rebozos Mexicanos, at Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts main gallery.

The Mexican “rebozo” (shawl) in particular has become an emblematic piece that emerged as a cultural symbol recognized not only in Mexico but abroad. The rebozo Mexicano materializes a cultural mosaic that is abundantly diverse in techniques, processes, materials, and patterns.

Many communities in Mexico preserve this historic-visual language that is embodied through the looms. The weavers who stay determined to protecting this visual language in the midst of modern competitive neoliberal markets are faced with the challenges of industrial plagiarism, violence, machine produce textiles, and other environmental, and socially damaging production practices.

This exhibition is designed to be a network that interlaces stories, individuals, and weaving communities in Mexico with the Mexican migrant community in the Bay Area. Rebozos Mexicanos is for anyone who can interpret them as a visual medium that speaks of people, time, place, process, and myth.

The collections showcased specify the regions, ethnic groups, artisans, and cooperatives of the rebozos.

  • Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday
  • From 10 AM to 5 PM
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