This June 18th Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts welcomes you to the opening premiere of our new film production: ”Shamanes en la Ciudad”. The documentary reveals the unforgettable journey of three spiritual iconic characters of the Mission district. The documentary narrates the story leading a path to inner reconciliation.

Come be a part of these unforgettable stories of ancestral traditional ceremonies in a city setting, where we will tune out the noise and have a special blessing with the spiritual teacher Concha Saucedo. Celebrate our opening as these characters have discovered new dimensions within nature and passed traditions, ceremonies, and knowledge to their community. In this cosmopolitan city San Francisco, we will learn of the ancestral history of Mexico, Colombia, and Peru.

Shamanes en la ciudad is a documentary produced by MCCLA with an all Latinx crew, inspired the search for a deeper meaning and inner self-reflection. Let us collectively manifest clarity and silence in a city with noises and distractions.

Characters in the Mission

Jorge Molina: Pacha Kamayok y sus memorias

Originally from Peru, Jorge Molina shares the knowledge and traditions gained over the last 45 years. Pacha Kamayok, Jorge Molina has solely dedicated his life to the caring of the earth and his community. Through a life narration, Molina entails the changes San Francisco has endured and points out relevant lands traditionally for natives’ rituals, now converted to tourist attractions. Pacha Kamayok pours his soul to share the memory of our land and to never forget our roots.

Luis Vasquez Goméz: El eterno aprendiz.

With the notion that we weren’t kicked out of paradise but living in it, Luis Vasquez Goméz shares his never-ending wisdom. Vasquez moved to San Francisco from Colombia in 1989. Once arrives in San Francisco he immediately connects with spiritual groups that start shaping his views and encourage him to learn more. Vasquez well-known and respected in his community, for his healing therapies and visionary readings. Currently, Vasquez has learned to heal remotely as covid – 19 pandemic regulations and lockdown emerged. This eternal apprentice not only inspires but is truly committed to teaching and healing his community.

Concha Saucedo: Maestra, Nuevo Amanecer.

With spiritual awakening, Concha Saucedo travels between two worlds; physiology her professional field, and Mexican traditional spiritual. Tired of bureaucracy from her Country she is invited to a small magical town in Oaxaca and connects with her spiritual mentor Amparo. Saucedo acquires herbalist knowledge and finds her voice through chanting. With this healing knowledge, she shares physiology and spirituality to her community in the Mission District.

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