• Friday, July 30, 2021 from 6:30 pm to 8 pm
  • Theater (in-person event)
  • $12 Admission (Buy tickets on Eventbrite)
  • Ages 18 and up

Art is medicine. Music is medicine. Community is medicine. Joy is medicine.

After the storm, when the thunder has ignited the trees, and the fire has consumed plants and animals alike, people finally come out to see what remains and what is gone. But the land, wise and whole, doesn’t wait for the storm to waiver to see what comes next, it sees death and destruction as an opportunity to be reborn.

Those who know about the land know that the sun doesn’t just come in the morning, but it’s actually marauding in the darkness, and if you know how to look, you’ll find it in the cracks of the night. When the ‘People of the Sun’ look at this world and all its pain, they also look to the future and what will arise from it and start making their path and start the new journey.

Inti Batey is medicine-music. During the lockdown the Sun God known in other cultures as: -“Inti”, “Tonatiuh”, “Apollo”- gifted us with community, music, and compassion, the perfect ingredients to create a ‘Batey’, a space for Joy, Celebration and Jam! Through hundreds of years pre-Columbian culture of the Puerto Rico native people -also called Taínos, they referred to ‘batey’ as a place where people would meet at the end of the day to share, discuss and let off steam by playing music and dancing. In a time of exacerbated isolation and lonely digital screens, the age of longing for community support and warmth our ancestors had felt more present than ever in us, and it birthed ‘Inti Batey’, Sun Gathering. Our intention now is to share not only the stream of music that so effortlessly flowed from our collective, but also to express our gratitude by inviting our audience to be a part of the healing space in respect and friendship.

Join us at the Mission Cultural Center, on July 30th 6pm, for the launch of our San Francisco world tour to be reminded that the community is alive and well, that the future is alive, and that it belongs to us: The people of the Sun.

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Inti Batey Familia

Some of the people might or might not come jam with us:

  • Andreina Maldonado (Venezuela)
  • Lucha Obregón (Guatemala)
  • El borracho de la arbolada (Venezuela)
  • Arturo Méndez (México)
  • Sofía Besosa (RD)
  • Bartty Lugo (Puerto Rico)
  • Forced2Fly (SF/México)
  • El señor del Fua (México)
  • Lenel Guzman (Venezuela/México)
  • Alberto Albayalo (Venezuela)
  • Esteban Mestre (Argentina)
  • Ñiño al que le gusta el arte (Argentina)
  • Dos changuitos (ayno)
  • Chis McCoy (Guatemala)
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