Siempre con Nosotros / Always with Us

Every year since Carlos Aceituno’s passing in September, we have consistently honored his memory, as a most beloved, dedicated teacher and artist. Carlos, a native Guatemalan, was a mestre Capoeirista, and the founder of Fogo Na Roupa, still the best Carnaval contingent ever. His love of community and the arts, and dedication to youth touched so many of us. His superb Carnaval presence with his contingent, choreographies and costumes were simply awesome, and unrivaled.

Since Covid-19 has impacted us in so many ways, we were not able to hold the Carnaval class in his name at MCCLA, as we used to all these years.

Carlos’ spirit is still with us and we continue to celebrate his life and accomplishments with much LOVE and “cariño”!

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