• Monday, November 2, 2020
  • 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm
  • Live on MCCLA Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
  • Suggested Donation $5 to $10

This year 2020, Marigold Project in collaboration with Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, presents a virtual tour that will show the creation dedicated to the ancestors through the 5 elements, and 5 altars in the vision of indigenous peoples around the world. In addition an altar dedicated to the work of the House of Culture of Ensenada Mexico will be shown on Day of the Dead activities, in an interactive altar and another interactive altar showing a chronology of MCCLA’s work for Day of the Dead installed in the MCCLA Lobby 24 hours.

November 2 Program

The gallery tours will only take place on November 2 from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm

People will be admitted to the gallery in small groups with precautionary indications to use a mask and distance.

8 pm to 8:30 pm — Live music by Luna ilamo

8:30 pm — Members of Taller Bombalele

About the Exhibition

The day of the Dead festivities in San Francisco brings all communities together to celebrate our most meaningful events—life, death, in community in one spirit.

Five altars will be designed and built collaboratively by our arts and community in all disciplines. Each shrine will represent an element, a universal symbol, and a stage of life.

The east altar calls the element of air; it is dedicated to our ancestral children; the circle symbolizes the interconnectedness of life and death, and white as the unifying color for all things seen and unseen.

The south altar summons the element of fire; it is devoted to our ancestral youth. Its red-hot hues and triangle symbolize strength, art, poetry, passion, and balance.

The west altar hails the element of water honoring adults, in blue tones. Its symbol is the square; it represents rhythms and cycles in our lives, ocean des, and moon cycles.

The north altar honors the earth and our ancestors, its color is green and purple, and the four-directional cross is its symbol. It solicits past and future wisdom from the earth and our beloved ancestors.

The center altar is devoted to self-love, and love in relationship to the other community, and the universe and its symbol is the never-ending spiral, dressed in rainbow colors.

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