During the pandemic, Miguelito Martinez and Luna Alonso Glasner found the perfect balance when creating music together. With time, they decided to name this project “Canciónes en épocas de covid”.

The duo and rearranges some popular songs of their favorite composers: Ruben Blades, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Tomas Mendez, and experiments with the genres. While listening to their songs, yo can enjoy a salsa that has been converted into a blues, a rock song into a bolero, a pop song into an Afro-Cuban genre, everything subtly crafted without losing the essence that makes them so unique.

In this intimate concert, you will be able to listen to well-known songs from Latin America, specially from Mexico. We will have two music guests for this concert who will make this concert fantastic!


  • Miguelito Martinez Guitar: Jarana, flute, arrangements and musical direction
  • Luna Alonso Glasner: Lead singer
  • Jackie Raggo: Percussion, backing vocals, Venezuelan Cuatro
  • Pedro Pastrana: Bajo, Cuatro Puertoriqueño
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