• Wednesday, August 15, 2018
  • From 7 to 9 pm
  • Theatre (1st Floor)
  • $7 Admission
  • Ages 18 and up

We are exploring many different layers of Cinema, this month we are presenting Busqueda! Documentaries and films about the search for missing persons, the search for better life opportunities, and the search for oneself. Movies with subtitles in English.

Desierto. Jonás Cuarón. 2016

A group of Mexican migrant workers seek a better life by crossing the US border illegally; when the truck carrying them breaks down in the middle of nowhere, the driver points the migrants and his partner Mechas in the direction of the United States and wishes them luck. Moises (Gael Garcia Bernal) is also a member of the migrants and follows as the group splits in two while trying to pass the border.

Sam (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is a merciless, rifle-toting vigilante who, with his faithful but vicious Malinois dog, Tracker, hunts for rabbits near the border and notices the group trespassing; with the help of Tracker and the use of his M1 Garand rifle, Sam kills most of the group, including Mechas and leaves Moises and Adela (Alondra Hidalgo) as the sole survivors after a long chase. Unable to follow the last two, Sam decides to continue his hunt the next day and leaves with Tracker.

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