• Friday, August 14, 2020
  • 6 PM to 7 PM
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Desde la Cueva del Jaguar!

Enjoy our musical productions with local bands from your home!!

Calafia Armada is a diverse collective of performers telling the story of the first and only warrior queen of California through the rhythms and melodies of the Caribbean coast of Colombia and Mexico.

The band emerged in February of 2016 when musicians from various local bands were drawn together by a mutual fascination of Cumbia and its cousin rhythms from around the Caribbean. The first members came from the La Ceiba and Puyakan music collectives, but the complex rhythms and the story of Calafia soon attracted some of most intrepid musicians in the Bay Area to fill out a lineup that includes two guitars, bass, trumpet, trombone, vocal harmonies, and over a dozen different percussion instruments such as the Tambora and the Quijada. Today the ten member band includes a dancer and plays regular shows in their hometown of Oakland as well as performing at concerts and educational events around California.

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