Between Life And Death


    Thurs Nov 8, 2018 • 6:30 to 9 pm
    Ch'In Kana Gallery (Third floor) • Free
    Runs through Thurs Dec 13, 2018
    Tues to Fri • 10 am to 5 pm

    Between Life and Death: Day of the Dead is a photo exhibition by Harvey Castro that brings the focus back to the people that live the traditions of Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead). In this ongoing project, Harvey Castro visits and documents how people in different regions of Mexico celebrate this special tradition with their families and community as a whole.

  •        Mission Grafica Archive Sale

    Mission Gráfica Archive: Print Sale


    Opening: Friday January 18, 2019
    6:30pm to 9pm • Inti-Raymi Gallery
    Runs through: Fri, February 22nd
    Gallery hours: Tues to Sat • 10am to 5pm

    For forty years, Mission Gráfica Printmaking Studio has proven itself to be a creative haven for individuals to explore the practices of printmaking in a community-based and affordable studio space that stands out as one of the last grassroots art spaces in San Francisco.

    The prints on view in the Inti-Raymi Gallery reflect the community’s desire for social and economic justice on such issues as immigration, displacement, and Third World freedom struggles.

  •        Postcolonial Revenge Exhibition

    Postcolonial Revenge: Exhibition


    Opening: Friday, January 18 2019
    6:30pm to 9pm • $5 Admission
    Main Gallery • 2nd floor
    Runs through: Friday, February 22nd
    Gallery Hours: Tues to Sat • 10am to 5pm

    Postcolonial Revenge is an exhibition that centers rage, justice and collective healing from intergenerational traumas. This exhibition investigates how rage can shape hope, inform action, and build intergenerational resistance.

    Revenge is defined as the “satisfaction obtained by repaying an injury or wrong” or “an opportunity for retaliation; a chance to win after an earlier defeat.” The field of Postcolonial studies emerged as a way to bring forward voices and T/truths that were hidden from master narratives. Postcolonial studies have allowed us to see that Western empires built their foundations on the labor, exploitation, and stealing of resources from what are now known as Third-World countries. Today, many communities that are labeled “marginal” in the U.S. are here because of the infliction of violence by Western powers. However, that is not to say that communities that were faced with dispossession or forced to leave their homelands have given in to colonial forces. Postcolonial Revenge is an opportunity to come together to celebrate the win of not giving into a system that enacts injury and violence onto black, brown, indigenous, immigrant, queer, and working-class livelihoods.

    Postcolonial Revenge centers resistance, resilience and resurgence against Western epistemological beliefs. Indigenous, Black, Chicanx, Filipinx, South East/Asian, and Middle Eastern voices are among those that have pushed against Western settler-colonial ideas which center hetero-patriarchal ideals in an attempt to eradicate culture, language, and ancestral lineage. The works in this show will highlight inter-generational voices that continue to work against settler-colonial oppressive structures pre and post-civil rights. Post-Colonial Revenge will interweave works that deal with resurgence, rage, justice, ancestors and collective healing from inter-generational trauma. The exhibition chooses to highlight these themes, so they can serve as a departure to create a new center, away from colonial structures which sought to destroy us.

  •        LosTres de la mission Exhibition

    Los Tres de La Mission


    Opening: Thursday January 10, 2019
    6:30pm to 9pm • Free Admission
    Ch'in Kana Gallery • 3rd floor
    Gallery hours: Tues to Sat • 10am to 5pm

    Through forgotten objects, this exhibition tells us a story where philosophers, artists and social situations converge and emerge. Curated by Victor Navarrete, with paintings by Martin Revolo and Antonio Tovar.

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