The Palos Mayan Collection includes 90 reproductions of pre-Columbian stone carvings originally created by the Mayan and Pipil people traced back to 879 A.D. The exhibit you will see at the historic gallery at Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts features 23 reproductions from the Palos Mayan Collection.

The Palos Mayan Collection sculptures are created by master sculptor Manuel Palos from scholar Joan W. Patten's casts and rubbings of the original artifacts in Guatemala. Patten received official permission from the Guatemalan government to create casts and rubbings of original Mayan carvings and bequeathed her replicas to collaborator Manuel Palos. Some of the original stelae were alter stolen or destroyed, leaving Patten's castings and rubbings as their only remaining record. Manuel Palos developed and uses a proprietary material called DecoCast™ to create these replicas.

These fine art quality Maya Stelae reproductions on exhibit are available for purchase by museums, universities, and private collectors through Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. Your purchase will support the long term sustainability of this historic institution.

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts is grateful for the support of Manuel Palos and Alejandra Palos for loaning us The Mayan Palos Collection to celebrate 45 years of promoting, preserving, and developing Latino Arts & Culture.    


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