Registration Deadline:  Saturday, March 14, 2020

Registration Fee: $35

Upon payment of registration fee, rehearsal class tickets can be purchased at $8 per class.

Participant Information

  • Participant’s Name:
  • Age (if a minor):
  • Parent’s Name(s):
  • Address, City, ZIP:
  • Phone number:
  • E-mail:

Emergency Contact Information

  • Name:
  • Relationship:
  •  Phone number:


  • Paraders not wearing the official MCCLA costume, must wear white pants and the official Carnaval T-shirt to be admitted in the comparsa.
  • If under 16 years of age, form must be signed by parent or guardian.
  • Carnaval T-shirt is $20. Checks made out to MCCLA Carnaval.


By signing this form to register and participate in MCCLA’s 2020 Carnaval SF Contingent, I agree to assume any and all responsibility for me (my child’s) participation, and for any accident, injury, or damage which I (my child) may cause or suffer while participating in this event, including all dance rehearsals both at the MCCLA and off site, and before, during or after the Carnaval Parade, Sunday May 24, 2020. I will obey all official directions from MCCLA and its designated leader, and behave appropriately.  MCCLA is not liable for the consequences of my own misconduct. I understand that to participate in the comparsa I must (1) register by March 14th, (2) keep at the assigned area(s), (3) wear an approved costume, or MCCLA’s official Carnaval T-Shirt with white pants, (Pay costume deposit by March 31st). MCCLA has the right to videotape and photograph any of its Contingent activity, to include participants (rehearsals, workshops, and the parade). MCCLA has the right to deny participation at rehearsals, related activities or at the parade, if the above rules and conditions are not followed.

Signature of Participant, or Parent if Minor: