• Memoria del Silencio en el País de la Eterna Primavera


    Aug 16, 17, 18, 23, 24 & 25, 2018
    First floor theatre • $25 • 7pm

    Memory of Silence in the Land of Eternal Spring: a new play by Linda Maria Girón.

    Set in the land of eternal spring, in a town where the ghosts sing with the living, roses grow larger than cattle and nearby villages have gone missing; young Mari's quest to find her father's ghost becomes a desperate fight to restore her aunt's fading memory.

    Together, la familia Noguera must face the boundaries of love when tested by the realities of life—aging, war and illness.

    About the author: Linda Maria Girón is Guatemalan-American actor and playwright born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She holds BA in Theater and Performance Studies at UC Berkeley where she was awarded the Roselyn Schneider Eisner Prize for Acting and Playwriting and Michael Mansfield and Randy Sweringen Social Justice Award for her play, Memoria del Silencio en el País de la Eterna Primavera.

    Her short play, white iris, received its first premiere at Pianofight's Shortlived VI. Linda has performed in various companies across the Bay, including the New Conservatory Theater Center, BATCO, Brava Theater Center, Actor’s Ensemble of Berkeley, The Utopia Theatre Project and FaultLine Theater where she is also an associate artist. She is honored to receive her first theatre residency with MCCLA to stage Memoria del Silencio’s world premiere.

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  • Diez Fridas

    Diez Fridas: Collective Exhibition


    Opening: Tues July 17th, 2018
    6:30pm to 9pm • Donations Welcome
    Ch'In Kana Gallery (3rd floor)
    Runs through September 5, 2018
    Tues to Sat • 10am to 5pm

    Diez Fridas is a collective presentation about faces and symbols of the artistic universe of Frida Kahlo. Ten visual artists show us their conception of the figure and permanence of a great artist.

    Curators: Maria Motta, Alejandro Meza.

    List of artists:
    Carlos Pillado
    Jhovany de la Ala
    Mara P Hernandez
    Maria Motta
    Marsha Shaw
    Roberto Marosi
    Sonia Leticia
    Shane Izykowsky
    Sakino Wu
    Victor Navarrete

    Information contact: events@missionculturalcenter.org

  • La Jaula de Oro

    Cine Con Cultura: La Jaula de Oro


    Wed Aug 22, 2018 • 7 to 9pm
    $7 Donation • Theatre • 18+

    We are exploring many different layers of Cinema, this month we are presenting Busqueda! Documentaries and films about the search for missing persons, the search for better life opportunities, and the search for oneself. Movies with subtitles in English.

    La Jaula de Oro. Diego Quemada Diez. 2010

    The 1987 film, and the song, the plot concerns immigration to the United States from Latin American countries. However, unlike the earlier film that concerned itself with a successful and middle-aged Mexican immigrant, the plot of this film deals with younger undocumented immigrants.

    Samuel, Sara and Juan, three teenagers from Guatemala, decide to leave poverty by going to the United States. After crossing the Mexican border by boat, they find another immigrant, a Tzotzil native called Chauk who does not know Spanish but is able to befriend Sara. When they arrive in the town of Chiapas, they busk for money to eat and drink but are later caught by Mexican Immigration Police agents, who steal Juan's boots and threaten Chauk with a gun, before deporting all of them back to Guatemala

  • Sin Nombre

    Cine Con Cultura: Sin Nombre


    Wed Aug 29, 2018 • 7 to 9pm
    $7 Donation • Theatre • 18+

    We are exploring many different layers of Cinema, this month we are presenting Busqueda! Documentaries and films about the search for missing persons, the search for better life opportunities, and the search for oneself. Movies with subtitles in English.

    Sin Nombre. Cary Fukunaga. 2009

    Willy, nicknamed El Casper, is a member of the Mara Salvatrucha gang and lives in Tapachula, a Mexican town near the border with Guatemala. He introduces a young boy into his gang, and the boy is given the nickname Smiley after a violent initiation. Casper later helps Smiley to complete this initiation by helping him execute a rival gang member. Casper is romantically involved with a girl, Martha Marlen. Fearing for the girl's safety, he keeps the relationship a secret from his gang, but his double life causes his gang to doubt his loyalty. When Martha follows Casper to a gathering of his gang, the gang leader, Lil Mago, escorts her out, despite Casper's misgivings. Mago attempts to rape Martha and accidentally kills her. Later, he blithely tells Casper that he will find another.

    Shortly afterward, Mago brings Casper and Smiley to La Bombilla, a location along the train tracks where potential illegal immigrants stow away on passing trains on their way to the United States. Among the immigrants is a Honduran family introduced earlier consisting of the teenage girl Sayra, her father, and her uncle, who are on their way to relatives in New Jersey. Lil Mago, Casper, and Smiley rob the passengers for any money they have until Lil Mago spots Sayra and attempts to rape her. Casper intervenes, killing Mago and then sending Smiley off.

  • The Prida Project

    The Prida Project


    Sept 20, 21, 22, 27, 28 & 29, 2018 • 7pm
    Sept 30, 2018 • 2pm
    $20 Ticket • Theatre

    The Prida Project is a glorious collage of the music, dance, theatre and poetry of groundbreaking Cuban American playwright Dolores Prida. This world premiere takes you on a unique journey as it explores pressing themes including immigration, gentrification and cultural identity. These challenges are approached with strength, humor, and humanity.

    The piece consists of adaptations of two of her plays interwoven with her poetry and essays. Music and dance and interspersed throughout.

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    We thank our sponsors:
    The Rainin Foundation
    The Jewish Community Foundation
    The Zellerbach Family Fund

    Playwrights adaptation of the work of Dolores Prida
    Rosa Boshier
    Claudia Rosa

    Artistic Director
    Claudia Rosa

    Amy Crumpacker

    Musical Director
    Omar Ledezma, Jr.

    Temistocles Fuentes Betancourt
    Karen Puerto

    Set Design and Projections
    Melanie Treuhaft

    Sound Design
    Laurence Tasse

    Production Assistant
    Pamela Cruz

    Janelle Aguirre
    Olivia Browne
    Leticia Duarte
    Nancy Lemmel
    Maria Medina
    Claudia Rosa

    Hector Benites
    Joseph Churchill
    David Pedroso Rivero

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