• Deep Blue Sea: String of Pearls


    Opening: Wed August 3, 2016
    6pm to 9pm • Main Gallery • $5

    A painting, drawing and sculpture exhibition by The North Star Artists and artist friends.

    The Deep Blue Sea: String of Pearls will provide a positive and fresh experience of Pacific cross-cultural contemporary art. The Deep Blue Sea: String of Pearls is an exhibit featuring the artwork of: Sekio Fuapopo (North Star artist), John Rampley (North Star artist), George Duran (North Star artist), George Shuey (North Star artist), Gabrielle Belz, Paula Clark, Welsone Fitiao, Steve Gibbs, Regina Meredith, Mike Rios, and Shirod Younker.

    Kindred spirits from the Pacific Islands and West Coast, these artists see themselves as a string of Pacific pearls. Each one unique yet all created over time immersed in rhythm of Pacific tides that is the combined forces exerted by the Moon, Sun, and the rotation of Mother Earth. These artists come together at this time to present the state of their union, the fusion of their creativity, and an alliance of Pacific artists through a cultural collaboration of contemporary paintings, drawings, sculptures, and prints.

  • Mothers and Daughters in Art


    Opening: Wed August 3, 2016
    Inti-Raymi Gallery • $5 • 6pm to 9pm
    Runs through September 9, 2016

    The Prodigal Daughter and the Healing Mother: A mixed media collaboration between Peruvian born artists Mabel Valdiviezo and Bila Flores.

    This exhibit brings to light the multi-generational stories of a daughter, a mother and a grandmother through their own journeys of becoming immigrants, and finding the ties that bind them together.

    Art Healing Workshop

    Heal your Inner Child with a soothing art journaling session and take your piece home. Learn how to use collage while releasing buried emotional pain. Led by Mabel Valdiviezo, featured artist in August exhibit Mothers and Daughters in Art

    Date: Wednesday, August 17th from 6:00pm to 8:30pm
    Place: Inti Raymi gallery, second floor
    Materials: Bring a notepad or journal + photo or printed image of a loved one.

    RSVP at haikufilms@gmail.com. First come, first served.
    More samples at http://www.prodigaldaughterthemovie.com

    Taller Artístico de Sanación

    Sana tu niño interno con una sesión de arte y llévate tu pieza a casa. Aprende a usar collage y a dejar ir dolor emocional estancado. Liderado por Mabel Valdiviezo, artista con la exhibición Madres e Hijas en Arte.

    Fecha: Miércoles, 17 de agosto de 6:00pm a 8:30pm
    Materiales: Traer un cuaderno + una foto o imagen impresa de un ser querido
    Lugar: Inti Raymi gallery, segundo piso RSVP a haikufilms@gmail.com.

    Primero en llegar, primero en ser servido.
    Mas ejemplos en http://www.prodigaldaughterthemovie.com

  • Tejidos (Woven)


    Opening: Sat May 14, 2016
    6:30pm to 9pm • $5 Admission
    Main Gallery (2nd floor)

    Tejidos (Woven) is a mixed media collaboration between Chilean artists Ximena Soza and Cristian Muñoz, which combines fiber and paint in a large installation. This work uses weaving as a visual and symbolic representation of the social fabric, reminding us that the fight for social justice anywhere in the world is part of the same struggle, because if one thread is taken out of the fabric, the whole weaving becomes unwoven.

    This exhibit explores global issues of social justice and human rights, such as the recent immigrant crisis in Europe, the occupation in Palestine, the disappearances of thousands during the dictatorships in Latin America, deportation in the United States and more.

  • La Puerta en el Puente del Tiempo


    May 13th to June 25th, 2016
    Inty Raymi Gallery (2nd floor)

    The Mural Puentes Project and MCCLA Present: La Puerta en el Puente del Tiempo
    Mission Cultural Center Mural Restoration

    A benefit Exhibition with Paintings by Carlos Loarca & Betsie Miller-Kusz

    San Francisco is a city of bridges, puentes, all connecting the land and water to the world outside its limits. The Mission District lies in the heart of the City, reflecting the diversity, beauty and turbulence present within, particularly in recent years. Focused at the center is the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, MCCLA, where the Mural Puentes Project would originate. MCCLA cordially invites the community at large to "La Puerta en el Puente del Tiempo" A benefit Exhibition for The Puentes Project: MCCLA Mural Restoration with paintings by Carlos Loarca & Betsie Miller-Kusz, founders of the mural.

    Una exhibición de pinturas por Carlos Loarca & Betsie Miller-Kusz en benefício al projecto de restauración

    San Francisco es una ciudad de puentes, todos conectando la tierra y el agua al mundo fuera de sus limites. El Distrito de la Misión se encuentra en el corazón de la Ciudad, reflejando la diversidad, belleza y turbulencia presente dentro de ella, particularmente en años recientes. Dentro de este centro esta el Centro Cultural de la Misión por la Artes Latinas, MCCLA, donde se originó el Projecto del Mural Puentes. MCCLA cordialmente invita a toda la comunidad a “La Puerta en el Puente del Tiempo” Una exhibición que benefícia al Projecto de Puentes: Restoración del Mural del MCCLA con pínturas creadas por Carlos Loarca & Betsie Miller-Kusz, fundaroes del mural.

  • 30th Sólo Mujeres Exhibition


    Opens Wed March 9, 2016
    Runs through April 16, 2016
    2nd floor gallery • $2

    In commemoration of International Women’s Day the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts is having its 30th Solo Mujeres exhibition.

    30th Solo Mujeres participants: Thuy Linh Kang, Balitronica, Jessica E. Brown, Iris Ergul, Nancy Ledesma, Monica Alvarez, Bianca Nandzik, Ytaelena Lopez, Yolanda Guerra, Mariana Sasso, and Mujeres Grabando Resistencias are the artists for our 30th Solo Mujeres Show. These women display a spectrum of experiences that women may identify with the phenomena of war. Trauma, mental illness, violence, and struggle are just some examples of things explored in this awesome exhibit.

  • Mexicanos Al Grito De Guerra: Event

    Mexicanos al Grito de Guerra: We Didn’t Cross the Borders, The Borders Crossed Us


    Opening: Sat January 16, 2016
    2nd floor gallery • Free
    Runs through February 13, 2016
    Tues to Sat • 10am to 5pm • $2

    From the 16th of January 2016 until the 13th of February 2016, The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts will open it’s doors to the public with the exhibit entitled “Mexicanos al Grito de Guerra: We didn’t cross the borders, the borders crossed us” which poses a bilateral reflection within groups of graphic artists, creators, and activists on both sides of the border between Mexico and U.S.A. Motivated by the daily troubles that are suffered in this region of the American continent (although not exclusive) the sample aims to question both the participating artists and the spectators themselves survival in daily life.

    The group of artists simultaneously launched this initiative in San Francisco and Mexico by Talleres Populares 28 de Julio, and Escuela de Cultura Popular Martires del ’68. By stripping away across a historic, economic, geopolitical, cultural journey the plots of the complex network that traps the people and does not allow them to escape the trap of the American way of life in its maximum expression: capitalism.

    Individual artists and graphic art collectives who the majority are immersed in social movements will present works of diverse formats and techniques such as; etching, silk screening, painting, etc… Some collectives participating are ECPM68, TP28J, Sublevarte, Rexiste, Dignidad Rebelde, Political Gridlock, Colectivo Doscincuenta, Grafica de Lucha, Colectivo Maria Pistolas, Vlocke, Anda La Lucha, Espacio Tercero, and Mujeres Grabando Resistencias.

    Other artists include Aderly Enriquez, Art Hazelwood, Andrea Narno, Antonio Valverde, Arlo Tafoya, Eduardo Juarez, Elizabeth Mota, Fredi Eliosa, Gandhi Noyola, Grabiel, Hugo Andrade, Iseo Noyola, Israel Enguilo, Ixchel Silva Tetera, Jesus Quinanar, Joel Martinez, Kate Deciccio, Le_marke, Lucia Vidales, Mariana Sasso, Martinez Mario, Mazatl Mezcalito, Obed Palagot, Raul Monroy, Ronnie Goodman, Salvador Segovia, Semanca Huitzillin, Carlos Jackson, and Yobany Mendoza.

  • Dia de muertos 2015: The Bones of Our Ancestors

    29th Annual Day of the Dead Exhibition: The Bones of Our Ancestors


    Fri October 16th, 2015
    2nd floor galleries • $2
    Tues to Sat from 10am to 5pm
    Runs through November 20, 2015

    "The Bones of Our Ancestors: Endurance and Survival Beyond Serra’s Missions" reinterprets the theme of Dia de Los Muertos to memorialize the endurance and survival of Indigenous Peoples and protest the recent canonization of Junipero Serra by Pope Francis of the Catholic Church.

    Curators Celia Herrera Rodriguez (artist) and Theresa Harlan have selected 15 artists to create bold works to present an indigenous (i.e., Native American) response to the aftermath of Serra’s mission building and to call attention to the continued persistence of indigenous peoples across the Americas. The exhibition spans photography, installations, animation, painting, prints, and a mural.

    Artists: Dugan Aguilar, Jesús Barraza, Melanie Cervantes, Juan Fuentes, Tricia Jameson-Rainwater, Jean LaMarr, John J. Leaños, L. Frank Manriquez, Cherrie L. Moraga, Celia Herrera Rodriguez, Jessica Sabogal, Kanyon Sayers-Roods, Alicia Bernal Siu, Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie, and Fan Warren.

    Also, MCCLA is proud to announce that in honor of Day of the Dead we will screen the trailer for the documentary Searching for Posada--ART and Revolutions, by award-winning director Victor Mancilla, plus two short clips from the director's new Dia de los Muertos film currently in production.

    The full film, Searching for Posada: ART and Revolutions will screen on Friday November 20. Director, Victor Mancilla and film producers Jim Nikas and Maryanne Brady are scheduled to appear for Questions and Answers at the November 20 screening.

    Day of the Dead Events

    Day of the Dead Tours (by appointment) 10/20 - 11/18

    10th Annual Mole Contest
    Wednesday November 18th in the Gallery
    $10 General Admission • $7 plate of food

    Searching for Posada: Art and Revolutions(s)
    Friday November 20th
    Film Presentation with Q&A • $10

    Description of the Movie: Art and Revolution(s) is the untold story of Posada shot on location in Mexico. For the first time the fascinating story of Mexico’s famed artist¬printer Jose Guadalupe Posada is revealed. From his work over 100 years ago springs an unbelievable sphere of influence and inspiration touching and connecting events like the Mexican Revolution, artists fighting the Nazis and Fascism, Lucha Libre, the Cuban Revolution, the Grateful Dead, Day of the Dead, Chicana/o art and the images of today’s social movements. Directed by Victor Mancilla, Executive Producers Jim NIkas & Maryanne Brady

    "Los huesos de nuestros antepasados"
    La resistencia y supervivencia más allá de las Misiones de Serra

    Galería principal, 2do piso MCCLA
    De martes a sábado • 10am - 5pm • $2
    16 de Octubre - 20 de noviembre, 2015

    Esta exposición reinterpreta el tema del Día de los Muertos en memoria de la resistencia y la supervivencia de los pueblos indígenas y protesta por la reciente canonización de Junípero Serra por el Papa Francisco de la Iglesia Católica. Curadores Celia Herrera Rodríguez (artista) y Theresa Harlan han seleccionado 15 artistas para crear obras audaces para presentar un indígena (es decir, nativos americanos) como respuesta a las consecuencias de la construcción de la misión de Serra y llamar la atención sobre la persistencia continuada de los pueblos indígenas en las Américas . La exposición abarca la fotografía, instalaciones, animación, pintura, grabados, y un mural.

    Artistas: Dugan Aguilar, Jesús Barraza, Melanie Cervantes, Juan Fuentes, Tricia Jameson-Rainwater, Jean LaMarr, John J. Leaños, L. Frank Manriquez, Cherrie L. Moraga, Celia Herrera Rodriguez, Jessica Sabogal, Kanyon Sayers-Roods, Alicia Bernal Siu, Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie, y Fan Warren.

    Inauguración: 2 de Noviembre
    6pm - 11pm • $ 10

    Se proporcionará chocolate caliente gratuito y pan de muerto.

  • “Current” Exhibition


    Opening: July 30 at 7:11pm

    Art by Adrián Arias, Marsha Shaw & the MCCLA Mission Gráfica Print Collection

    Marsha Shaw
    The process of printmaking is important because it is through attention to planning, cutting, and printing that I come to understand these relationships. Layers of wallpaper patterns, insects, birds and human anatomy, create a palimpsest in which some images are obscured, while others remain intact.
    In “Current” Marsha show a series of new collages on Wood.

    Adrian Arias
    I believe in the transformation of reality, my religion is the poetry, I believe in the cells, molecules, in the hard work, in the ideas, I believe in the creative power of the community, the power generated for a group of people creating together, and also in the pleasure to work alone, facing my own demons, listening the interior of myself.
    In "Current" I show a series of mixed media drawings sometimes worked at live in concerts of my friends (Locura, Rupa and the April Fishes) and other that takes me long days of preparation and creative crisis. The theme is the impulse of life, and how dreams are a very important space to créate. Most of the drawings are based in dreams that I had.

    Mission Grafica Prints Collection
    Within our collection, we have cataloged more than 4,000 posters. This important collection will become one of the most important collections of Latino / Chicano posters in the country. With this archive, the MCCLA possess an important artistic tool to educate the general public and the Latino community about its artists and their print making. The preservation of this body of work is vital to our rich Chicano and Latino cultural history, and it serves as a powerful monument not only to our culture but to the artistic talents of our proud community.

  • Illusion Show #8


    Saturday, May 16 2015
    5:11 to 10:00pm • $8 admission
    2nd Floor Galleries

    5 hours of Art Happening
    Curated by Adrian Arias

    This year, under the theme-title "Carnaval Dream: Libertad de cuerpo y mente" Illusion show is coming back, after 7 years of absence. This One Day Happening show, is the reunion of more than 60 artists from different disciplines working together to express to the community what is art here and now, to show the creative process and to collaborate with other artists. This year we have 19 musicians, 11 painters, 8 poets, 15 dancers and performers, 13 artists of installation, and more.

    Artists who dressed in white walk through a procession carrying a white briefcase into the galleries of the Mission Cultural Center. When the artists arrive to the galleries they will walk into the galleries that are covered in white paper for them to unpack their instruments, paints, and other materials to create art all over the gallery walls as well as floors.

    Please dear AUDIENCE be dressed in black, and experience to walk in the empty space of the gallery completed wrapped with white paper. Images about past Illusion shows: illusionshow.blogspot.com

    Illusion Gallery - Covered In White Paper

    Show de Ilusiones

    Sábado, Mayo 16 • 5:11 - 10pm
    Entrada $8 • Galerias, secundo piso

    Illusion Show contará con más de 60 artistas de diferentes disciplinas en este show de solo un día presentando arte del aquí y ahora. Los artistas estarán vestidos de blanco y caminarán en una procesión desde la estación 24 BART hasta las galerías de MCCLA. Pedímos que la audiencia se vista de negro para verdaderamente experimentar una ilusión.

    List of Artists

    Music: Rupa Marya, Greg Landau, Camilo Landau, Diana Gameros, Jorge Molina, Sonia Caltvedt, Bob Marsh, Axel Herrera, David Mc Lean, Ryan García, Yuli Norrish, María Fernanda Valecillos, Raul Vargas, Dina Zarif, Tyson Ayers & Interarts Ensemble, Amaranth String Quartet (Katie von Braun, Abigail Shiman, Erica Zappia, Helen Newby), Jiridón (Andreina M.S., Joshua C.S., Unity, Rob Usher), Anais Azul

    Performance & Dance: Anna Halprin Wednesday Performance and scoring Lab. w/ scores by Brian Collentine, Tomoko Hiraoka, Sue Heinemann, Metzi Henriquez & José Rivera with Fogo Na Roupa, Nicole Klaymoon & Embodiment Project, Hilit Maniv, Masako Yura, Kenya Moses, Oakland Improv Collective, (w/ Tania Llambelis, Darcie Luce, Meghan Ballog, Rene Lambert, Alan Phillips, Sinclair Savage, Glenn Evans, Meredith Ladyvenom, MacFadyen), Piñata Dance Collective, (Liz Duran Boubion, Emmeline Gonzalez-Beban, & Ria DasGupta) Stephanie Sherman, Keon Saghari, Jenny Valdez, Irina Eshta, Vanessa Fabrega,Dynamism Dance-Theatre (Benni Baker & Dominique Nigro), Amy Cranch, Jessica Brown Oviedo, La Mica

    Poetry: Nina Serrano, Jack Hirschman, Agneta Falk, Jorge Argueta, Virginia Barret, Boby Coleman, Jennifer Barone, Tilda Kapuya

    Murals, Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures and Installations: Mona Caron, Rigo, René Yañez, Susan Matthews, Todd Thomas Brown, Carlos Cartagena, Sarah Beckstrom, Mia Rollow, Caleb Duarte, Mara Lea Brown, Howard Katz, Esmeralda Padilla, Susana Aragón, Ytaelena López, Marc Hors, Indira Urrutia, Tania Figueroa, Ella Noe, Anastasia Terentyeva, Daniel Diaz Tai, Quique Davila, Fuzz Grant, Fidel Dolorier, Dánica Conneely, Iris Clearwater, Noah Brown, Fernando Meza

    Multidisciplinary projects: Jadelynn Stahl, Cheliz López, Robert Hickling, Irma Gogiashvili, Renee Baldochi, José Antonio Galloso, Dorothy Payne, Katy Fox, Luis Vazquez Gomez, María Claudia Guerrero

  • The Marvelous Real • Lo Real Maravilloso


    Exhibition Dates: Jan 29 to Feb 28, 2015
    Opening Reception: Thurs, Jan 29 from 5 to 8pm
    Gallery • $5 Admission

    Curated by Sanaz Mazinani

    Lo Real Maravilloso is a groundbreaking two-person exhibition by the husband-wife team, artist Jeremiah Barber and writer Ingrid Rojas Contreras. Bridging narrative storytelling with visual art, Rojas and Barber collaborate around themes present in both their works—the absence of the body, extrasensory occurrences in the everyday, memory displaced by time, and the nature of belief. Lo Real Maravilloso is an observational portrayal of fervent belief in dramatically different backgrounds—Rojas’ grandfather was a medicine man in Colombia and Barber’s father was a pastor in the American midwest. Through video, sculpture, and artist books this show features new works and highlights selections from their ten year collaboration.



    Exposición: 20 enero - 28 febrero, 2015
    Recepción de Apertura: Jueves 29 de Enero
    5 - 8pm • Galería • Entrada $5

    Comisariada por Sanaz Mazinani

    Lo real Maravilloso es una exposición innovadora por dos personas equipo de marido y mujer, artista Jeremiah Barber y escritora Ingrid Rojas Contreras. Conectando la narración con el arte visual, Rojas y Barber colaboran en torno a temas presentes en ambas sus obras - la ausencia del cuerpo, los sucesos extrasensoriales en lo cotidiano, la memoria desplazada por el tiempo, y la naturaleza de la creencia. Lo real Maravilloso es un retrato observacional de ferviente creencia en dramáticamente diferentes fondos – el abuelo de Rojas era un hombre medicinal en Colombia y el padre de Barber fue un pastor en el medio oeste de Estados Unidos. A través de vídeo, escultura y libros de estos artista, este espectáculo cuenta con nuevas obras y destaca las selecciones de su colaboración de diez años.

    Stories By Hand:
    An Accordion Book-Making Workshop

    Sat & Sun, January 24 & 25, 2015
    1 to 3:30 pm • Inti Raymi Gallery

    Instructors: Ingrid Rojas Contreras and Jeremiah Barber

    Create an accordion book that explores your heritage through writing and visual storytelling. In every family there are one (or several) stories about strange coincidences, stories of eerie chance or luck, destiny, signs, and foreshadowing. Commonly dreams are a star feature. For this workshop, we will write about such a story (it can be a story that either happened to you or to a relative). Once you have your mind settled on one story (or a few), look for pertinent materials to illustrate it—either a photograph of the protagonist, of the place, of an object in question, or maybe it's something physical (a piece of jewelry, a piece of cloth). Get as creative as you want. Writer Ingrid Rojas Contreras and Artist Jeremiah Barber will lead you into translating the object you bring into an artwork. At the end of the workshop, you will have a six-page accordion book. Students are requested to bring family materials (photos, documents, etc.) for inspiration.

    Selected books will be exhibited at the Inti Raymi Gallery for the month of February.


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