• Ofrendas Para Las Animas

    Day of the Dead 2016: Open Call to Artists


    Entry Deadline: Aug 26 2016
    Selected Artists Notified: Wed, Aug 31

    As one of the first spaces where the innovative Day of the Dead was established in San Francisco, The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts is honored to be hosting its 30th Day of the Dead.

    Ánimecheri Kéjtsitakua (Ofrendas para las animas - Offerings for the souls) originates from the Purepecha community.

    More important dates:
    Sept. 13-Sept. 30, 2016: Installation time frame
    October 01, 2016: Soft opening (no reception but open to the public)
    November 2, 2016: Celebration (formal reception)
    Sat. November 19, 2016: Exhibition ends

    Dia De Muertos 2016 Call

  • Dia de muertos 2015: The Bones of Our Ancestors

    29th Annual Day of the Dead Exhibition: The Bones of Our Ancestors


    Fri October 16th, 2015
    2nd floor galleries • $2
    Tues to Sat from 10am to 5pm
    Runs through November 20, 2015

    "The Bones of Our Ancestors: Endurance and Survival Beyond Serra’s Missions" reinterprets the theme of Dia de Los Muertos to memorialize the endurance and survival of Indigenous Peoples and protest the recent canonization of Junipero Serra by Pope Francis of the Catholic Church.

    Curators Celia Herrera Rodriguez (artist) and Theresa Harlan have selected 15 artists to create bold works to present an indigenous (i.e., Native American) response to the aftermath of Serra’s mission building and to call attention to the continued persistence of indigenous peoples across the Americas. The exhibition spans photography, installations, animation, painting, prints, and a mural.

    Artists: Dugan Aguilar, Jesús Barraza, Melanie Cervantes, Juan Fuentes, Tricia Jameson-Rainwater, Jean LaMarr, John J. Leaños, L. Frank Manriquez, Cherrie L. Moraga, Celia Herrera Rodriguez, Jessica Sabogal, Kanyon Sayers-Roods, Alicia Bernal Siu, Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie, and Fan Warren.

    Also, MCCLA is proud to announce that in honor of Day of the Dead we will screen the trailer for the documentary Searching for Posada--ART and Revolutions, by award-winning director Victor Mancilla, plus two short clips from the director's new Dia de los Muertos film currently in production.

    The full film, Searching for Posada: ART and Revolutions will screen on Friday November 20. Director, Victor Mancilla and film producers Jim Nikas and Maryanne Brady are scheduled to appear for Questions and Answers at the November 20 screening.

    Day of the Dead Events

    Day of the Dead Tours (by appointment) 10/20 - 11/18

    10th Annual Mole Contest
    Wednesday November 18th in the Gallery
    $10 General Admission • $7 plate of food

    Searching for Posada: Art and Revolutions(s)
    Friday November 20th
    Film Presentation with Q&A • $10

    Description of the Movie: Art and Revolution(s) is the untold story of Posada shot on location in Mexico. For the first time the fascinating story of Mexico’s famed artist¬printer Jose Guadalupe Posada is revealed. From his work over 100 years ago springs an unbelievable sphere of influence and inspiration touching and connecting events like the Mexican Revolution, artists fighting the Nazis and Fascism, Lucha Libre, the Cuban Revolution, the Grateful Dead, Day of the Dead, Chicana/o art and the images of today’s social movements. Directed by Victor Mancilla, Executive Producers Jim NIkas & Maryanne Brady

    "Los huesos de nuestros antepasados"
    La resistencia y supervivencia más allá de las Misiones de Serra

    Galería principal, 2do piso MCCLA
    De martes a sábado • 10am - 5pm • $2
    16 de Octubre - 20 de noviembre, 2015

    Esta exposición reinterpreta el tema del Día de los Muertos en memoria de la resistencia y la supervivencia de los pueblos indígenas y protesta por la reciente canonización de Junípero Serra por el Papa Francisco de la Iglesia Católica. Curadores Celia Herrera Rodríguez (artista) y Theresa Harlan han seleccionado 15 artistas para crear obras audaces para presentar un indígena (es decir, nativos americanos) como respuesta a las consecuencias de la construcción de la misión de Serra y llamar la atención sobre la persistencia continuada de los pueblos indígenas en las Américas . La exposición abarca la fotografía, instalaciones, animación, pintura, grabados, y un mural.

    Artistas: Dugan Aguilar, Jesús Barraza, Melanie Cervantes, Juan Fuentes, Tricia Jameson-Rainwater, Jean LaMarr, John J. Leaños, L. Frank Manriquez, Cherrie L. Moraga, Celia Herrera Rodriguez, Jessica Sabogal, Kanyon Sayers-Roods, Alicia Bernal Siu, Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie, y Fan Warren.

    Inauguración: 2 de Noviembre
    6pm - 11pm • $ 10

    Se proporcionará chocolate caliente gratuito y pan de muerto.

  • 28th Annual Day of the Dead Exhibition: Recrea, Renueva, Reusa: Un Ciclo Infinito


    Date: October 11 to November 14, 2014
    Altar Installations: October 11, 2014

    27th Annual “Day of the Dead” Exhibition

    Curator: Demetrio Barrita

    Contact: gallery@missionculturalcenter.org

    About the theme: The path of all beings does not have a beginning or an end. Instead, each of us follows a cycle that renovates itself effortlessly. We may say we are recycled material from our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and fore-bearers, which in turn are manifestations of our more distant ancestors. “Recrea, Renueva, Reusa: Un Ciclo Infinito” is a loop of existence that recycles itself. For our 2014 Day of the Dead exhibition, MCCLA wants to explore the themes of Recreate (Recrea), Renew (Renueva), and Reuse (Reusa) as unavoidable cycles in our lives.

    Demetrio Barrita

  • 27th Annual Day of the Dead Exhibition: La Llorona


    Oct 16th to Nov 23, 2013
    Reception: Nov 2, 2013
    6pm to 11pm • $5 Admission

    La Llorona: Llanto de vida y muerte en el distrito de la Misión

    Weeping for the life and death of the Mission District

    Altar Installations curated by: Martina Ayala

    This year’s exhibit will create an inclusive and celebratory space for artists and community members to reflect and mourn on the death of “La Mission” we used to know and experience, as well as the renewal and current changes that the local community is facing.

    Dia De Muertos 2013: La llorona

    2013 Day Of The Dead Altar Winners

    Pre-Hispanic Altar:
    Transmutation and Life Forces Energy - Margarita Camarena

    Colonial Altar:
    Lagrimas por Mis Hijos - Yo Soy 132 Bay Area
    Jose Cruz and Monica Flores (lead artists)

    Contemporary Altar:
    Discolandia – Anita de Lucio

    Best Representation of the Theme:
    Madzillion – Luis Vasquez Gomez
    Mission 2.0 – Linette Morales and Claudia Arenas.

    Cake Decorating Contest Winner

    “La Llorona” by Maribel Garcia

    Sugar Skull Winner:
    “La Llorona” – by Evangelina Portillo

    Honorable Mention:
    Day of the Dead Decorated Cake by Rosa – Sweets Collections

    School Guided Tours: Oct 16 to Nov 22
    Tues to Fri from 10:30am to 4:30pm
    Sat from 10:30am to 1:30pm
    School groups of 25: $40 (1/2 hour tour)

    For reservations contact Lilly at 415-821-1155 or reception@MissionCulturalCenter.org

  • Death On Installment Plan

    26th Annual Day of the Dead Exhibition: Death On Installment Plan


    Exhibition dates: Oct 20 to Nov 17, 2012
    Gala reception: November 2, 2012

    Death On Installment Plan
    La Muerte En Plan De Pagos

    Exhibition design: Maurizzio Hector Pineda

    The Day of the Dead is a rich and vibrant celebration within the Latino community and MCCLA has a long history of calling upon the dead in the months of October and November. This year’s exhibition title is Death on installment plan • Muerte en plan de pagos.

    Mole To Die For Winners

    Peoples choice:
    • 1st Homemade Mole $100: Dena Cornett
    • 2nd Homemade Mole $ 75: Rosa López
    • 3rd Homemade Mole $ 50: Israel Escudero
    • Honorable mention: Alfonso Ochoa family

    • 1st Price: Francisco Hernandez (El Metate, con Sabor a Mexico)

  • Muerte Paralela: Dia De Muertos 2011

    25th Annual Day of the Dead Exhibition: Death in Parallel


    Exhibition open until Nov 19, 2011
    Inti-Raymi Gallery (2nd Floor)

    Through a visual journey of folkloric and contemporary altars, Death in Parallel examines el acompañimiento, the accompaniment of the dead in our everyday lives. A whisper, a fleeting shadow lets us know they are here with us. Other signals are close at hand, but how open are we to acknowledging the presence of our ancestors? Death in Parallel explores this relationship, which eyes open or closed, remains an intimate one. With the creative presentation of stories, photos, home video and personal artifacts, MCCLA continues our participation in a rich and vibrant tradition within our Latino community to call upon the dead as we remember and honor our loved ones.

    A través de un viaje visual de altares contemporáneos y folklóricos, "Muerte Paralela" investiga la presencia de los muertos en nuestra vida cotidiana. Un susurro, una destello fugaz nos indica que están con nosotros. Hay otras señales cercanas, pero ¿qué tan abiertos estamos para reconocer la presencia de nuestros antepasados? "Muerte Paralela" explora esta relación, que con ojos abiertos o cerrados, se mantiene íntima. Con la presentación creativa de cuentos, fotos, videos caseros y objetos personales, el MCCLA da continuidad a su participación en una tradición vibrante en la comunidad latina de convocar a los muertos mientras recordamos y honramos nuestros queridos antepasados.

    The celebration includes a sugar skull demonstration, Danza Azteca, Mixtizo performance in the Theater, Pan de Muerto y chocolate, mask making, and more.

    Inti-Raymi Project Gallery

    LAPIZTOLA, a Oaxacan based artists collective, will create a site-specific installation in the gallery. It will consist of stencil and video works. Lapiztola artists will be in
    residence from October 11 – 28.

    Secretaría de relaciones exteriores

    Main Gallery Altar Artists

    Jennifer Beach and Susan Prentice, Rocio Miller, Carlos Juan Castillo, Hector Zavala, Nelly Reyes, Nina Reyes Rosenberg, Mara Lea Brown, Victor Carrillo, Vanessa M. Mosqueda, Olivia Muñoz and Margarita Muñoz, Paul E. Zinser and John Skwiot, Carlos Martinez, Robert Marosi Bustamante, and Fernando Marti, Melody Rodriguez, Alfonso Ochoa, Herminia Albarrán Romero

    Dia De Muertos 2011 Altar Winners

    Día de los Muertos at SF Symphony

    The San Francisco Symphony celebrates Latino culture in its fourth annual Día de los Muertos community concert, conducted by SFS Resident Conductor Donato Cabrera with guest soloist Mexican tenor David Lomelí
    performing “Besáme Mucho”, “Granada”
    and other beloved Latin American favorites. Come at 1pm for pre-concert entertainment and art in the Davies Symphony Hall lobbies, including Mexico-based artists from Lapiztola in collaboration with the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts.

    Click here for more information about Dia de los Muertos at the SF Symphony!

    Mole to Die For • Mole Para Morirse

    MCCLA thanks all our "MOLE TO DIE FOR / MOLE PARA MORIRSE" participants and contestants.

    And the winners are (...drum roll please!):

    Professional Chefs:
    First Place / Francisco Baca (Regalito Rosticería)
    Second Place / Johnny J. Marenco (Panchita's 3)
    Third Place / Albert Suazo and Erin Brooks (Tropisueño)

    Homemade Chefs:
    First Place / Marta Gladys de Ochoa
    Second Place / Dena Cornett
    Third Place / Israel Escuidero

    Honorable Mention
    Gerard Dolores

    Thanks to the judges, the MCCLA staff and volunteers!

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