•        Carnaval 2019 Brainstorming Meeting

    MCCLA’s Carnaval 2019 Brainstorming Meeting


    Sat Sept 15, 2018 • 11am to 12:30pm
    Cafe de la Muerte (2nd floor)
    Everybody Welcome!

  •        Alborada

    Alborada: Carnaval SF Video Party 2018


    Friday, June 29th 2018 • 6PM TO 7PM
    First floor theatre • $5 admission

    MCCLA's Comparsa "Alborada (A New Dawn)" gave another spectacular performance! Diana Aburto, a seasoned and talented Nicaraguan dancer, lead this year's contingent. The choreography blends the music from Nicaragua and the coastal Garifuna groups with rhythms of Cumbia, Vallenato, Punta, Palo de Mayo, and of course, some Salsa.

    Watch Carnaval SF 2018 on the big screen! Return to live the experience of music and dance that unite us as a community.

  •        Alborada: A New Dawn

    Carnaval 2018: Alborada


    Mission Cultural Center Invites you join the 2018 Carnaval Parade contingent with live Latin & Caribbean music! 1st place winner of 2017 SF Carnaval Caribbean Category!

    MCCLA's Comparsa "Alborada (A New Dawn)" is gearing up for another spectacular performance. Diana Aburto, a seasoned and talented Nicaraguan dancer, will be leading this year's contingent. The choreography blends the music from Nicaragua and the coastal Garifuna groups with rhythms of Cumbia, Vallenato, Punta, Palo de Mayo, and of course, some Salsa. Come check us out next Saturday and join us!

    Choreographer - Diana Aburto
    Classes - Saturdays 10-11:15am in Studio B - $12/class
    Registration fee - $35. Once you pay the registration, you'll only pay $8 per CLASS.
    Raffle Tickets - Really cool prizes! We will distribute tickets next Saturday at the class.

    We hope you join us this year, and become, once again, part of this wonderful and magical experience!

    alborada logo

    Carnaval Survey

    Would you take 5-10 minutes to fill out our Carnaval 2018 Survey?

    Your feedback will help us better prepare for next year. Please click on the link below:

    Carnaval Survey 2018 (Google doc)

    Carnaval Archive

    View past Carnaval events here!

  •        Bomba Del Corazon

    Carnaval 2017: Bomba del Corazón en la Mission


    El MCCLA te invita a ser parte del Contingente “Bomba del Corazón en la Mission.”

    Clases Sábados 10 am con nuestro coreógrafo: Temistocles Betancourt

    En el marco del Carnaval de la Mission 2017 “El Corazón de San Pancho”, el Mission Cultural Center reafirma su compromiso con la comunidad por 40 años ininterrumpidos!! La Mission es el Corazón de San Pancho y el MCCLA es el Corazón de la Mission.

    Como tal, el Corazón se encarga de bombear la sangre y a todo el cuerpo, en cada palpitar existe una pequeña explosión que contagia al cuerpo de la alegría y la emoción que necesitamos para vivir.

    Del mismo modo, durante sus 40 años de existencia, el MCCLA ha sido el catalizador del talento, el arte y el color que contagia toda la Mission y este año queremos compartirlo con todos.

    call to dancers

    Request For Choreographer Proposals

    Deadline: February 1st, 2017

    MCCLA, a 501(c)(3) is seeking proposals from experienced choreographers with demonstrated teaching skills to create a thematic, Carnaval choreography and to teach that choreography to classes of adults and children of all skill levels. MCCLA has been a proud Carnaval SF participant for over 30+ years. In 2017 MCCLA will also be celebrating 40 years of promoting art and culture in SF. Proposal's theme and concept should relate to Carnaval SF's 2017 theme, "EL CORAZÓN DE SAN PANCHO". MCCLA's selected theme will guide the contingent's dance, music, costumes, and allegorical float. The theme must be approved by MCCLA's Carnaval Committee.

    request for choreographers

  •        Rumbagua

    Carnaval 2015: Rumbágua


    Join Mission Cultural Center’s “Rumbagua” 2015 Carnaval Contingent!

    Sunday, May 24th.

    Choreography/Classes: Brenda Perdue & Javier Alvarez
    Saturdays from 3:15 to 4:30pm in Studio B
    $10 per class / $25 Registration Fee + Costume Fee
    (classes $6 after paid registration)

    • Learn MCCLA’s Carnaval choreography.
    • Dance to an exciting mix of Latin & Caribbean rhythms to include: salsa, rumba & merengue.
    • Have lots of fun at Carnaval.
    • All Levels Welcome

    Join Mission Cultural Center’s Rumbagua 2015 Carnaval Contingent!

  •        Copa De Amor Y Ritmo

    Carnaval 2014: Copa De Amor Y Ritmo


    Carnaval 2014

    DANCE with MCCLA in CARNAVAL San Francisco!

    Sunday May 25, 2014

    BRENDA PERDUE: Choreography Director
    Rosa Hernandez • DJ Rumorosa


    All Levels Welcome!

    Saturdays Feb 1 to May 24
    3:15pm to 4:30pm • Studio B
    $8 Class • $6 with Discount Coupons
    Kid's rehearsals: 2 to 2:45pm
    Studio A • $8 Class

    Carnaval Party 2018

  •        Barrunto En El Barrio

    Carnaval 2013: Barrunto En El Barrio


    Barrunto En El Barrio: Neo Garcia's Choreography

    Check out our image gallery!

  •        Jungla Y Cumbamba

    Carnaval 2012: Jungla Y Cumbamba


    Jungla Y Cumbamba: Neo Garcia's choreography!

    Check out our photo gallery!

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