“The map is not the territory,” said the philosopher. However, maps carry the key to understanding unknown places, real and imagined. This year VideoFest invites travellers, explorers, migrants and wayfarers of all stripes to submit short videos that explore the lesser known aspects of the everyday. El Pulgarcito, Atzlan, la tierra de Bolivar, de Morazan, la Mission, el barrio, la pachanga. Whether from your front porch, down the street. From Mission to the Tenderloin. AZ, LA, BA, el DF and everything in between.


Homes for the Homies

“Homes for the Homies" produced by Gloria Morán (13 minutes, 2009) A long time Mission resident preserves the historic memory of her neighborhood through
her art.


"Medellín" produced by Patricia Montoya (10 minutes, 2009); A lyrical farewell to the city of the filmmaker's youth.

The Oak Park Story

"The Oak Park Story" produced by Valerie Soe and Russell Jeung
(20 minutes, 2010) A short doc on how a group Cambodian and Mexican immigrants built an unlikely coalition to fight a slumlord, win housing rights and discover a collective sense of dignity.

Sin País

"Sin País" produced by Theo Rigby (20 minutes, 2010) When immigration agents raid their home, a family of Guatemalan immigrants is divided, presenting unique challenges for everyone involved.

Sin País

"The Apollos" A look back at an effective student campaign to gain recognition for MLK Day.
(6 min.)
"The Midnight Hour"
(7 min.) A poetic search for hope during one's darkest moments.
(5 min.) In a faraway place, an intimate look into the daily routine of family of street vendors.

2501 Migrants

Director Yolanda Cruz and Sculptor Alejandro Santiago; a screenshot from “2501 Migrants: a Journey"

Thursday, October 14,
7 pm: Best of VideoFest Shorts Program

Oak Park Story
The Midnight Hour
Los Apollos
Home for the Homies
Sin País

Saturday, October 16

2pm: Best of VideoFest Shorts Program (redux),
4pm: VideoFest Reception: videomakers, friends and you!
7pm: “2501 Migrants: a Journey" by Yolanda Cruz
(Q and A w/ Ms. Cruz follows screening)

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