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MCCLA Theater Sitting

Theater: (Approx. dimensions: 47ft X 46ft)
Capacity: 150. Black walls. Black flooring.
Stadium set up of chairs.
Stage has masonite surface. Two dressing rooms
and one Restroom w/ shower available backstage.
White screen for projections. Electrical outlets.
Sound and lighting available.

Lobby: (Approx. dimensions: 50ft X 19ft)
Tile flooring. Box office, and large window
looking out to the street.


Large Gallery (3,231 Feet)
Hardwood flooring. Built in white walls.
Track lighting. Ceiling hooks. Electrical outlets available. May split into several rooms. Tables and chairs upon request.

MCCLA Main Gallery

Cafe de la Muerte:
Area for receptions. Dinning tables available.
Bar and refrigerator. Hardwood flooring.
Tables and chairs are all moveable.
Lighting. Electrical outlets available.

MCCLA Café Muerte

La Salita (meeting room):
No windows. One wall is a glass separation that faces two offices.
Table/chairs/desk moveable on request.
White board available within conference room
Electrical outlets available. Capacity 40

Inty-Raymi Gallery: (1,469 Feet)
Hardwood flooring. Track lighting. White walls.
Two levels separated by two steps.
Electrical outlets are available. Tables and chairs are moveable.
Bench located on second level of the room.

MCCLA Inty-Raymi Gallery

MCCLA La Salita

Studio A (Approx. dimensions: 24ft X 26ft):
One wall covered with a full length mirror. No windows.
NEW Hardwood flooring. Sun window.
Electrical outlets available.
High ceilings. Bright lights. Sound available. Capacity 25

Studio C (Approx. dimensions: 17ft X 16ft):
Smaller setting.
One window looking out to the hallway.
Carpeted flooring. Sound available.
Chairs available. Tables/ desks are moveable on request.
Typically used for music classes. Capacity 20

Studio B (Approx. dimensions: 42ft X 50ft):
Two walls covered with full length mirrors.
No windows. NEW Hardwood flooring.
(soft shoes are required)
Sun window. Electrical outlets available.
High ceilings. Bright lights.
Sound available. Two additional changing
rooms within the studio. Capacity 80

Studio D (Approx. dimensions: 41ft X 31ft):
Generally used for art classes.
Large room / can be split into 2 rooms for smaller classes..
Tables/chairs/desks are available.
No sound /speaker system available for this room. Capacity 45

Studio E (Approx. dimensions: 20ft X 35ft):
Medium size room great for salsa/flamenco/tap dance etc…
Low ceiling. Dance bars available.
Three large windows. Sound available.
One wall covered with a full length mirror. Capacity 25