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Past Workshops & Classes


TITLE “Lakansyel” Traditional Haitian Dance Performance Workshop
INSTRUCTOR Djenane Saint Juste
DATE August, 29, Sept. 5, 12, 19, and 26
DAYS Fridays
TIME 8:00pm – 9:30 pm
COST PACKAGE A) Full workshop plus performance: $70
B) First 3 weeks workshop/ No performance: $50
C) Jump In/ No Performance: $20
D) Costume rental only for “A”: $30 (Pay to the teacher the first day of class
DESCRIPTION This is a two-part interactive workshop and performance of Haitian dance, rhythm and culture led by Djenane Saint Juste and her acclaimed family from Haiti with live drumming. "Lakansyel" is a Creole word for rainbow that will inspire and engage the students through dance, percussion, song and storytelling to celebrate the mosaic of Haitian traditional culture. The workshop will conclude with students learning choreographies to be performed at the Afoutayi 5th Annual Haitian Festival “Lakansyel”, 2014 dramatically with the master artists on stage. The students are left with a deeper understanding of Haitian history and forms of traditional cultural expression.

FEATURED ARTISTS Djenane St. Juste is the Artistic Director of well-known Afoutayi Dance Company and the founder of the annual Haitian festival in California. A native of Haiti, Djenane is an accomplished choreographer, dancer, actress and vocalist specializing in Haitian traditional dance and folklore. In this workshop Djenane will be teaching with her mother Florencia Pierre aka “Fofo”, renowned dancer/choreographer and the founding director of the highly-respected Jaka Institute of Dance in Petion-ville, Haiti and her brother Jeff Pierre music Director of the Afoutayi dance company, recently graduated from San Francisco’s School of the Arts, where he majored in instrumental music.

Service fee applies if paid through PayPal.

Fundamentals Breakdance
w/Danny Oneto (Bboy D Rock)

CLASS Bboy/Bgirl Fundamentals Breakdance
FACILITATOR Danny Oneto (Bboy D Rock)
DATES September 17 – November 5, 2014
DAY Wednesdays
TIME 6:00 - 7:00pm (Kids)
7:00-8:00pm (Youths/Adults)
AGES 7-12 (kids) - 13+ (youth/adults)
MORE INFO Kids’ class will consist of games that introduce them to the bboy/bgirls movements.

Adult class: All aspects of bboying/bgirling, top rock, footwork, power moves and conditioning. Adult classes will be very challenging and fast paced. Bboy D Rock’s goal is to teach the fundamentals of the dance while getting a good workout in. This class is not only a bboy/bgirl class, but a class you can use to get your weekly workout.

Contact: 415.314.3489

Service fee applies if paid through PayPal.