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Past Workshops & Classes

Fogo Na Roupa Kids Carnaval Classes

TITLE Fogo Na Roupa Kids Carnaval Classes
DATE March 5 to Saturday, May 21
DAYS Saturdays
TIME 1:15 – 2:30 PM
AGES 6 - 8 years old
PRICE $120 (12 weeks, must be paid at first class of the month) or $12 drop-in.
Fogo Na Roupa Kids Carnaval Class is an introductory level Carnaval dance and movement class for kids’ ages 6-8yrs old. It is structured to build confidence, strengthen coordination and community while learning basic dance movement, tumbling skills and Afro-Brazilian Carnaval traditions. Each class consists of 30 minutes of high energy Carnaval dance taught by Fogo Na Roupa performing company member, Alexandra Candia and 30 minutes of introductory Capoeira movement and tumbling with Omulu Capoeirista, Kimberly Moore. There will be cultural story telling where kids will learn songs, history and folklore of carnival in Latin America and 15 minutes break/snack time (each parent should provide a snack).

*All students will have the choice to parade with award winning Fogo Na Roupa contingent in Carnaval 2016 but it will require separate registration and costume fee.

Venetian Mask Making Art Workshop
CLASS Venetian Mask Making Art Workshop
FACILITATOR Diego Marcial Rios
DATE May 21
DAYS Saturday
TIME 12:30-2:30
PRICE $16 (2 hour workshop)
CLASS LIMIT 11 students
DESCRIPTION Students will watch and assist in the creation of a Venetian type mask.
● What you will do: Create, paint and hand decorate a Venetian/Carnival style mask.
● What you will learn: A brief historical summary of Venetian masks for a Masquerade Ball and the Carnival tradition.
● Who will teach the class: Internationally acclaimed artist Diego Marcial Rios All art supplies and equipment are supplied by the art instructor.

Zapateado Jarocho Workshop w / Live Music

Instructors: Ester Cruz and Cassandra Millspaugh
Dates: May 12 – July 14, 2016
Time: 7:15pm – 9:30pm
Location: Studio E
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Ages: All ages / children under 12 should have an adult present
Price: $15


Esther Cruz is a visiting guest teacher from Veracruz and Cassandra Millspaugh from San Francisco.  This spring/summer workshop will focus on Zapateado form/style/rhythms and sones for traditional Son Jarocho music from the Southern part of the state of Veracruz, Mexico.

Esther Cruz has been involved in the Son Jarocho community for about 20 years; she has participated in festivals all over the world in many different groups.  She loves to teach children and as well as adults.  Cassandra Millspaugh has been playing Son Jarocho for the past 15 years.

Sonando Sur / Sonando Norte:
A Night of Son Jarocho - Música Veracruzana

Join us for a day of Son Jarocho “Sonando Sur / Sonando Norte” with workshops, concert and Fandango! Workshops include Zapateado dance, Jarana and requinto for various levels, followed by a live concert with different Son Jarocho groups from Veracruz and the Bay Area, highlighting the different aspects and interpretations of Son Jarocho music from the south of Veracruz, Mexico.

Bring your instruments and dancing shoes and join us for an open FANDANGO after the concert!

Saturday, June 18 3pm-12am

Learn to play the Jarana and Requinto, and dance Zapateado Veracruzano!

• Beginning Jarana / Intermediate 3pm-4:00pm
• Requinto 3pm-4:00pm
• Zapateado 4:00pm-5pm
• Jarana Intermediate / Advanced 4:00pm-5pm

Concert: 8pm – 10pm | Admission: ADV $18, DOOR $20

From Veracruz : Sonando Sur Claudio Vega from Los Vega Group, Diego Lira from Son del Valle, and Esthér Cruz
From the Bay: DiaPaSon | Tarimba
Followed by a FANDANDO until midnight!

For More information visit: “Son de la Bahía” on Facebook