The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts is looking for artwork for our 31st annual “Solo Mujeres” exhibition titled,

Diffused Reflections

We are seeking guest artists (Latinx + WOC greatly encouraged) to submit artwork that depicts either their individual or communal perspective from their current situational position. Artists who create narratives of both inner and outward reflections of the self and/or the community through their works are especially welcomed. Artworks that offer a reflected alternative to the unnoticed and at times invisible narratives and underrepresented communities within society, such as trans and queer identity; the physical, spiritual, sexual, and mental consciousness of the (Latinx/WOC) self; and the complicated realities of living in the US are highly encouraged to apply.

This exhibition seeks to capture the diffused reflections caused by our bumpy political and social climate. The artists included in this exhibition will be the light that hits the uneven surface from their situational positions, their art is the reflection we are viewing.

All mediums of art welcome: drawing, collage, zines, painting, photography, video, mixed media, installation, performance, etc.

Deadline to send entries:  February 15, 2018.  Midnight.
Selected artists will be notified by:  February 21, 2018.
Installation starts:  February 27, 2018- March 15, 2018    
Opening reception:  March 16, 2018
Exhibit dates:  March 16, 2018- April 20, 2018
Work retrieval period:  April 21, 2018- April 27, 2018


Marissa Del Toro is an art historian and curator. Currently, Del Toro is working at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art as the Curatorial Support Group Coordinator. In both her professional and personal life she continues to work towards the promotion and advocacy for diverse narratives within art. Del Toro worked as Curatorial Assistant Intern for the UTSA Art Gallery from 2014 to 2015. She co-
curated and contributed to the development, arrangement, installation, and programming of several art gallery exhibitions and projects on a broad range of topics through various mediums. In July 2015, she completed an internship with the Smithsonian Latino Center working on museum collections and exhibitions within the National Museum of American History. From 2016-2017, Del Toro was a Graduate Intern at the Getty Research Institute where she worked on several different projects and event programs such as the large-scale exhibition project, Golden Kingdoms: Luxury and Legacy in the Ancient Americas; part of the Getty Foundation’s Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA initiative.


“Crossing Paths” Our Times, Our Resistances, Our Autonomies, is a group exhibit highlighting important stories, cultures, dreams, resiliencies, and yearnings. It’s a reflection on current times. The Mission Cultural Center is the intersection where all the artists who may not know each other share the same concerns and needs to express their experiences along with their dreams.

JANUARY 26, 2018 | $5 Admission | Inti-Raymi
Exhibit Dates:
Exhibit Dates: JAN 26th - FEB 17th, 2018 | $2 Admission
Tues - Sat | 10am-5pm | Inti-Raymi gallery

Abel Alejandre
Abel Rodriguez
Chris "L7" Cuadrado
Chris Robertson
Daniel Gonzalez
David Tim
Eduardo Valadez Arenas
Francisco Delgado
Fritz Aragon
Golbanou Moghaddas
José Cruz
Los Dos
Luna Francesca Gomez
Maya Fuji
Mincho Vega
Monica Alfaro
Nani Chacon
Pável Acevedo
Rabbit Garcia
Victor Macias a.k.a Ollingraffik

Stenciled Visions of Love, Peace and Chaos

In remembrance of our artist friend, we invite you to come and celebrate Michael Roman’s creative works. Michael was a long time artist-in-resident and supporter of the Mission Cultural Center. His signature works left a lasting legacy for the Bay Area Community and beyond. We honor his artistic contributions by showcasing some of his works. This exhibition will feature works from personal collections.

JANUARY 26, 2018 | $5 Admission | Inti-Raymi
Exhibit Dates:
JAN 26th - FEB 17th, 2018 | $2 Admission | Inti-Raymi

for 31st annual “SÓLO MUJERES”

MCCLA’s Gallery Department is seeking curatorial proposals for this upcoming Sólo Mujeres show, and welcome any scope of proposals. In commemoration of International Women’s Day the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts is looking forward to our 31st Sólo Mujeres exhibition. The exhibit was originally organized to address the need for a venue Latina artists in the Bay Area could express the achievements made in a male dominated art scene. It has since continued to support the advancement of women artists promoting women’s voice within the arts.

Sólo Mujeres has drawn artists throughout California and beyond providing a space where emerging and mid-career artists receive exposure in the artistic market both vital elements in the art world. Past shows have displayed traditional work as well as contemporary media such as installation and video.

MCCLA has a marvelous history working towards the promotion of Latino/Chicano/a art & culture, but also welcome any artists that are non-Latino/a. Be a part of our history by contributing your artistic vision.

MCCLA is open for the following:
Open call for curatorial project for 31st annual “Sólo Mujeres” Exhibition in Main Gallery.
For more information, deadlines, and requirements please click here.

Proposal Deadline: January 16, 2018
Curator will be notified via email: January 19, 2018
Installation dates: February 20, 2018- March 13, 2018
Opening reception: March 14, 2018
Exhibit dates: March 14, 2018- April 21, 2018
Closing: April 21, 2018


En el Cielo como en la Tierra

Soft Opening:
October 10, 2017
Exhibit Dates: 
October 10, 2017-November 17, 2017 | $2 Admission | Tues - Sat | 10am-5pm
MCCLA main gallery 2nd floor and Inti-Raymi gallery

MCCLA invites you to experience interactive installations for The Day of the Dead 2017. In this exhibition there is an opportunity to impact the senses along with the mind through a journey of a special place where legends, images, textures, aromas, and colors promise an intimate participation of tradition in this celebration.

Come and enjoy the "Monumental Altar" of Huaquechula Puebla, Mexico; an elaborate altar in collaboration with Manos Creativas, and interact with the altars created in honor of our "Heroes of the Mission" by Adrían Arias.

November 2, 2017 | $7 Admission
6:00pm - 6:30pm - Coro Redes y Cantos de Chapala
6:30pm - 7:00pm - Blessing of the altars by Aztec Dancers
7:00pm - 7:30pm - Mariachi Kid - Daniel Ordoñez
8:00pm - 8:30pm - Liz Boubion (Dance Performance)
9:00pm - 9:30pm - Chooti-Maa (Raps and songs)
9:30pm - 11:00pm - Turbo Sonidero (Cumbia)
9:30pm - 11:00pm - Fogo Na Roupa (OUTSIDE)

MCCLA presents
Manos Creativas "In Heaven as on Earth" "Celebrating on Earth the life of those who are already in Heaven ...." Day of the Dead 2017
Manos Creativas makes an allegory of tradition as well as the celebration of the Day of the Dead. This tradition has been shared by many Mexicans in different places around the world where they establish their home. Among the most spectacular are the colorful altars of the dead that are filled with elements that symbolize the devotion and love of each one.

Manos Creativas is a group of artists and craftsmen of San Francisco whose main objective is to explore different handcrafting techniques used on Mexican folk art by working with diverse materials, textures, colors, paintbrush strokes, sculpting, and modelling.

This is an autonomous group is made up of: Marco Nava, Jorge Bermeo, Estela Nava, Gabriela Lozano, Manuel Ayala, and Javier Juárez.

MCCLA presents
Heroes of the Mission / Interactive Drawings-Altars By Adrián Arias
In memory of five artistic heroes of the Mission district there are five large interactive altars in the Inti-Raymi gallery. They represent the art advocates of the neighborhood that have left an imprint in poetry, education, journalism, and music.

Above all they exemplified that anyone can be an artist in the community. In our community here at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts they contributed an important artistic message to the youth that engage in our center on a daily basis.

They are truly missed.

Francisco X. Alarcón, poet (1954-2016)
Michael Roman, visual artist (1956-2016)
MamaCoAtl, singer and poet (1965-2015)
Carlos Ramirez, poet and educator (1938-2013)
Alfonso Texidor, poet and journalist (1938-2013)

Adrian Arias is an American poet and visual artist. He was born in Peru and has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2000. Winner of important prizes in poetry and visual arts in Peru, Argentina, Japan, Macedonia and the US. He has published thirteen books and chapbooks and his poetry and visual art to traveled the world. Adrian is also a cultural promoter and aRtivist.


MCCLA presenta
Manos Creativas “En el Cielo como en la Tierra”
“Celebrando en la Tierra, la vida de aquellos que ya están en el Cielo....” Día de Muertos 2017

Manos Creativas hace una alegoría de la tradición y celebración del Día de Muertos. Esta tradición que ha sido llevada y compartida por muchos mexicanos a diferentes lugares al rededor del mundo en donde establecen su hogar, entre lo más espectacular están los coloridos altares de muertos llenos de elementos que simbolizan la devoción y el amor de cada quien.

Presentamos con gusto la recreación de un “Altar Monumental” de Huaquechula Puebla, México; un hermoso y elaborado altar como pieza central de la Expo Día de Muertos 2017 del MCCLA titulada : “En la Tierra como en el Cielo”. En esta exibición existe la oportunidad de impactar literalmete los sentidos y la mente a través de un recorrido por un lugar especial, donde las leyendas, las imágenes, las texturas, los aromas y los colores prometen un acercamiento y una participación más íntimos a la tradición y celebración del Día de Muertos.

Celebremos en la Tierra la vida de aquellos que ya están en el Cielo....


Manos Creativas es un grupo de artistas de San Francisco, con el objetivo de explorar diversas técnicas artesanales de México a través de los materiales, texturas, colores, pinceladas, escultura, etc.

Grupo autónomo conformado por: Marco Nava, Jorge Bermeo, Estela Nava, Gabriela Lozano, Manuel Ayala, y Javier Juárez. Cuyo compromiso es el de recrear, disfrutar y presentar obras diseñadas e inspiradas en la artesanía mexicana. Muchas otras personas colaboran como voluntarios.

Off The Wall


Wednesday, JULY 26, 2017 FROM 6:00-9:00PM
This print sale runs through September 2

Mission Grafica printmaking studio in forty years has proven itself to be a creative haven for individuals to explore the practices of printmaking in a community-based and affordable studio space that stands out as one of the last grassroots art spaces in San Francisco. This trajectory has accumulated over 4,000 prints that we have, and many of these are going to be for sale. Own a piece of history by purchasing some of these vintage prints at affordable prices.


A Hidden Garden

Exhibition Opening: Friday, May 12, 2017 6pm-9pm
Runs through June 16, 2017
Free Event


Artist Bio:
Rachel Epp Buller is a feminist printmaker, book artist, art historian, and mother of three, whose art and scholarship often speaks to these intersections. Her prints and books have been exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the United States, and she speaks and publishes widely on the maternal body in contemporary art. She is a board member of the National Women's Caucus for the Art, a regional coordinator of the Feminist Art Project, and current Associate Professor of Visual Arts and Design at Bethel College.

Artist Statement:
We pass on our family and cultural identities between generations, not only through our shared stories but also through our making. Some families se and patchwork quilts while others cut paper shapes; snowflakes, paper dolls, or papel picado. Through my recent monotype prints, I have been exploring shared bodies of knowledge and traditions of making that historically were passed down from mother to daughter. The monotypes make reference to the quiet traditions of fine handwork such as sewing, crochet, and cut-paper work known as Scherenschnitte. Over time, my cut-paper shapes have become increasingly organic and I imagine them growing from a hidden garden.



40 th Anniversary of The MCCLA

Opening reception: May 5th, 2017| 7:00-9:00pm. $5 entry fee.

Main and Inti-Raymi galleries 2nd floor
Exhibit dates: May 5th, 2017 - June 24, 2017

Here Now: Where We Stand celebrates the 40 th Anniversary of The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (MCCLA), founded in San Francisco in 1977 as a result of social struggles for greater equality in the 1960s and 1970s. The exhibition honors this history and MCCLA’s role in providing previously under-recognized artists with an alternative space to present their work.

In recognition of this history, Here Now: Where We Stand showcases how art media, images, and texts may serve as a means of personal and social aesthetic engagement and trans-cultural communication, and as vehicles for historical and contemporary cultural discourses, aimed at an expanded redefinition of ”American” art in global dialogue.

Alexandra Blum, Victor Cartagena, René Castro, Elizabeth Catlett, Giuseppe Dezza, Doyle Foreman, Art Hazelwood, Oscar Frias, Juan R. Fuentes, Andrea Gomez, Ester Hernandez, Mildred Howard,Yolanda Lopez, Gera Lozano, Geri Montano, Jim Nikas, José Guadalupe Posada, Calixto Robles, Patricia Rodriguez, Michael Roman, Jos Sances, Marsha Shaw, Carrie Mae Weems, Marianna Yampolsky, René Yañez, Berkeley High School Arts and Humanities Academy, San Francisco Poster Syndicate and The Great Tortilla Conspiracy. Curated by: Anthony Torres

Artist Talk: Saturday, May 13th, 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Guest speakers: Art Hazelwood, Juan R. Fuentes,Yolanda Lopez, and Jos Sances moderated by Anthony Torres

Press Release


Solo Mujeres



Main and Inti-Raymi galleries 2nd floor Diana Gameros performing.
Exhibit dates: March 24, 2017- April 16, 2017.


Opening reception: March 24, 2017| 6pm-9:30pm. $5 entry fee.


We find ourselves in a precarious time, when the most vulnerable in our community are in danger. It is at times like these that artists lead us in resistance and remind us of the strength and resiliency of our community.


The 30th anniversary of Solo Mujeres at the Mission Cultural Center marks a time to reflect on this enduring legacy of creativity and of the power of mujeres envisioning new possibilities for our community. This year's exhibition is a celebration honoring resistance, which takes many forms, but is rooted in the revolutionary act of love.


María Esther Fernández is a curator and writer. Currently, she is the Curator of Art & Education at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, CA. has curated group and solo exhibitions, notably, Xicana: Reflexiones Espirituales in 2010 and Consuelo Jimenez Underwood: Welcome to Flower-Landia in 2013. Along with serving on the curatorial team, she specializes in developing visual arts curriculum reflective of diverse or under-served audiences. She has been a grant reviewer and juror, most recently with the Silicon Valley Creates Artist Laureate Grant and the San Francisco Foundation Murphy Award and Cadogan Scholarships. In addition, she is the recipient of the Standing Committee on Education (EdCom) American Association of Museum's Multicultural Fellowship and the Smithsonian Latino Museum Studies Program Fellowship, and a member of the first ACT of Silicon Valley's Multicultural Arts Leadership Initiative (MALI).





Existe Resiste



Gallery opening: January 20th | 6PM - 9:30 PM


January 20, 2017-February 11, 2017 | 2nd floor galleries | DONATIONS WELCOME

The Mission Cultural Center opens its doors in 2017 to the artistic community to express a reaction to the Presidential Election of 2016. Faced with rhetoric of fear, division, racism, misogyny, intolerance, and populism from the elected government, artists from diverse communities raise a voice validating our right to exercise the First Amendment.

Artists from various backgrounds such as; minorities, immigrants, women, veterans, lgtbq, youth, and seniors are intersecting a spectrum of messages that aim to reclaim human dignity. We are not apologizing for existing, and consider the best form of resistance by existing precisely as we are rejecting the hegemonic supremacy of the elected government.

The Mission Cultural Center starts 2017 by providing a space where arts and activism play an important role in our community the way it did 40 years ago.

We welcome you to join us at the opening reception January 20, 2017 from 6pm-9:30pm. A mini Illusion show #9 with special guests, muralists, activist, and musicians will create art as part of our activities.


Existe Resiste

In response to the new government


In difficult times we do not have to surrender, we must continue with our art, our passions, our desire to make a world where we can live in peace, dance together with our differences, sing in all languages, the same language: freedom.


We are painters, musicians, poets, graffiti artists, multidisciplinary artists, activists of art and culture, who do not stop because a new government that threatens to destroy what in decades our ancestors, and ourselves, have built with love. We continue to work on what we know and want to do, because the Revolution is also in the hands of artists.


Bob Sanders | Do No Harm Coalition | Esmeralda Padilla | Istanbul Connection | José Antonio Galloso | Kata Miletich | Mara Lea Brown | Marco Peris Coppola | Meklit Hadero | Noah Brown | Pancho Pescador | Rupa Marya | Susan Matthews | Tania Figueroa | Todd T. Brown | William Brown | Curador: Adrián Arias


30th Annual Day of the Dead exhibition

Ofrendas para las ánimas.  Offerings for the souls.

Opens to the public: October 1, 2016- November 19, 2016.
MCCLA main gallery 2
nd floor and Inti-Raymi gallery.

Gallery hours:
 Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm.
$2 exhibit admission fee.  


This exhibit features artistic ofrendas by:  Amelia Berumen, Anita De Lucio, Aurelio Melchor Pimentel, Bryan Perez, John Martinez & family, Julia Rivera, Lillian Botello, Manos Creativas, Marco Razo, Nancy Ledesma, Orlando de la Garza, Regina Meredith Fitiao, Susana Gomez, and Susan Mathews.


In our Inti-Raymi gallery we feature photographs from a series titled, “Muerte, Culto, y Devoción”, taken by David Trujillo.  David’s photographs captured significant aspects of the indigenous ritual of Day of the Dead in Michoacán, Veracruz, and Tabasco.  These photographs display diverse scenarios that manifest a Mesoamerican ceremony towards their ancestors.

Come experience this intimate remembrance and celebration of our loved ones who have passed away.

Mothers and Daughters in Art

Mothers and Daughters in Art

The Prodigal Daughter and the Healing Mother

A mixed media collaboration between Peruvian born artists Mabel Valdiviezo and Bila Flores.

Opens to the public: August 3 - September 9, 2016 | Inti-Raymi Gallery | 2nd floor at MCC Gallery
Opening reception: August 3, 2016 | $5 admission fee | 6pm-9pm
This exhibit brings to light the multi-generational stories of a daughter, a mother and a grandmother through their own journeys of becoming immigrants, and finding the ties that bind them together.

Art Healing Workshop
Heal your Inner Child with a soothing art journaling session and take your piece home. Learn how to use collage while releasing buried emotional pain. Led by Mabel Valdiviezo, featured artist in August exhibit Mothers and Daughters in Art
Date: Wednesday, August 17; 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Place: Inti Raymi gallery, second floor
Materials: Bring a notepad or journal + photo or printed image of a loved one.
RSVP at haikufilms@gmail.com. First come, first served.
More samples at http://www.prodigaldaughterthemovie.com

Taller Artístico de Sanación
Sana tu niño interno con una sesión de arte y llévate tu pieza a casa. Aprende a usar collage y a dejar ir dolor emocional estancado. Liderado por Mabel Valdiviezo, artista con la exhibición Madres e Hijas en Arte.
Fecha: Miércoles, 17 de agosto de 6:00pm a 8:30pm
Materiales: Traer un cuaderno + una foto o imagen impresa de un ser querido
Lugar: Inti Raymi gallery, segundo piso RSVP a haikufilms@gmail.com.
Primero en llegar, primero en ser servido.
Mas ejemplos en http://www.prodigaldaughterthemovie.com

DEEP BLUE SEA: String of Pearls

DEEP BLUE SEAA painting, drawing and sculpture exhibition by The North Star Artists and artist friends


Opens to the public: Aug 3, 2016 - Sep 9, 2016 | Main Gallery Opening reception: Wednesday Aug 3, 2016 6:00pm-9pm | $5 admission


The Deep Blue Sea: String of Pearls will provide a positive and fresh experience of Pacific cross-cultural contemporary art.

The Deep Blue Sea: String of Pearls is an exhibit featuring the artwork of: Sekio Fuapopo (North Star artist), John Rampley (North Star artist), George Duran (North Star artist), George Shuey (North Star artist), Gabrielle Belz, Paula Clark, Welsone Fitiao, Steve Gibbs, Regina Meredith, Mike Rios, and Shirod Younker.

Kindred spirits from the Pacific Islands and West Coast these artists see themselves as a string of Pacific pearls. Each one unique yet all created over time immersed in rhythm of Pacific tides that is the combined forces exerted by the Moon, Sun, and the rotation of Mother Earth. These artists come together at this time to present the state of their union, their fusion of their creativity, and an alliance of Pacific artists through a cultural collaboration of contemporary paintings, drawings, sculptures, and prints.


Tejidos May 14, 2016 - June 24, 2016.

Main Gallery Opening reception: Saturday May 14, 2016 6:30pm-9pm $5

Gallery hours: Tuesdays-Saturdays 10am-5pm.

Tejidos/ Woven is a mixed media collaboration between Chilean artists Ximena Soza and Cristian Muñoz, which combines fiber and paint in a large installation. This work uses weaving as a visual and symbolic representation of the social fabric, reminding us that the fight for social justice anywhere in the world is part of the same struggle, because if one thread is taken out of the fabric, the whole weaving becomes unwoven.
This exhibit explores global issues of social justice and human rights, such as the recent immigrant crisis in Europe, the occupation in Palestine, the disappearances of thousands during the dictatorships in Latin America, deportation in the United States and more.


The Mural Puentes Project and MCCLA Present: "LA PUERTA EN EL PUENTE DEL TIEMPO" Mission Cultural Center Mural Restoration.

May 13 - June 25, 2016 | Inty Raymi Gallery

A benefit Exhibition with Paintings by Carlos Loarca & Betsie Miller-Kusz

San Francisco is a city of bridges, puentes, all connecting the land and water to the world outside its limits. The Mission District lies in the heart of the City, reflecting the diversity, beauty and turbulence present within, particularly in recent years. Focused at the center is the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, MCCLA, where the Mural Puentes Project would originate. MCCLA cordially invites the community at large to "La Puerta en el Puente del Tiempo" A benefit Exhibition for The Puentes Project: MCCLA Mural Restoration with paintings by Carlos Loarca & Betsie Miller-Kusz, founders of the mural.


In commemoration of International Women’s Day the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts is having its 30th Solo Mujeres exhibition.

Opens to the public: March, 09 2016 and closes on April 16, 2016
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm.
$2 Gallery Admission


Thuy Linh Kang, Balitronica, Jessica E. Brown, Iris Ergul, Nancy Ledesma, Monica Alvarez, Bianca Nandzik, Ytaelena Lopez, Yolanda Guerra, Mariana Sasso, and Mujeres Grabando Resistencias are the artists for our 30th Solo Mujeres Show. These women display a spectrum of experiences that women may identify with the phenomena of war. Trauma, mental illness, violence, and struggle are just some examples of things explored in this awesome exhibit.

"Dia de los Muertos / Day of The Dead"
29th Annual Exhibition

“The Bones of Our Ancestors":
Endurance and Survival Beyond Serra’s Mission(s)

MCCLA main gallery 2nd floor. Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm.
$2 Exhibit: October 16 - November 20, 2015

MCCLA Day of The Dead 2015 This exhibition reinterprets the theme of Dia de los Muertos to memorialize the endurance and survival of Indigenous Peoples and protest the recent canonization of Junipero Serra by Pope Francis of the Catholic Church.

Curators Celia Herrera Rodriguez (artist) and Theresa Harlan have selected 15 artists to create bold works to present an indigenous (i.e., Native American) response to the aftermath of Serra’s mission building and to call attention to the continued persistence of indigenous peoples across the Americas. The exhibition spans photography, installations, animation, painting, prints, and a mural.

Artists: Dugan Aguilar, Jesús Barraza, Melanie Cervantes, Juan Fuentes, Tricia Jameson-Rainwater, Jean LaMarr, John J. Leaños, L. Frank Manriquez, Cherrie L. Moraga, Celia Herrera Rodriguez, Jessica Sabogal, Kanyon Sayers-Roods, Alicia Bernal Siu, Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie, and Fan Warren.

Also, MCCLA is proud to announce that in honor of Day of the Dead we will screen the trailer for the documentary Searching for Posada--ART and Revolutions, by award winning director Victor Mancilla, plus two short clips from the director's new Dia de los Muertos film currently in production.

The full film, Searching for Posada--ART and Revolutions will screen on Friday November 20. Director, Victor Mancilla and film producers Jim Nikas and Maryanne Brady are scheduled to appear for Questions and Answers at the November 20 screening.


MCCLA Day of The Dead 2015 DAY OF THE DEAD TOURS (by appointment) 10/20 - 11/18

:::NOV 2 - MONDAY :::
GALLERY 7:30PM - INDIGENOUS CEREMONY / RECEPTION pan de muertos & chocolate

::: NOV 18 - WEDNESDAY :::
6:30pm / $10 General Admission | $7 plate of food / Gallery

::: NOV 20 - FRIDAY :::
7:30pm / $10

Description of the Movie: Art and Revolution(s) is the untold story of Posada shot on location in Mexico. For the first time the fascinating story of Mexico’s famed artist¬printer Jose Guadalupe Posada is revealed. From his work over 100 years ago springs an unbelievable sphere of influence and inspiration touching and connecting events like the Mexican Revolution, artists fighting the Nazis and Fascism, Lucha Libre, the Cuban Revolution, the Grateful Dead, Day of the Dead, Chicana/o art and the images of today’s social movements.

Directed by Victor Mancilla, Executive Producers Jim NIkas & Maryanne Brady

MCCLA 29na Exposición del Día de los Muertos
Day of the Dead
"Los huesos de nuestros antepasados: la resistencia y supervivencia más allá de las Misiones de Serra"

Galería principal, 2do piso MCCLA. Horario: de martes a sábado de 10am a 5pm.
$2 Exposición: del 16 de Octubre al 20 de noviembre, 2015

Esta exposición reinterpreta el tema del Día de los Muertos en memoria de la resistencia y la supervivencia de los pueblos indígenas y protesta por la reciente canonización de Junípero Serra por el Papa Francisco de la Iglesia Católica. Curadores Celia Herrera Rodríguez (artista) y Theresa Harlan han seleccionado 15 artistas para crear obras audaces para presentar un indígena (es decir, nativos americanos) como respuesta a las consecuencias de la construcción de la misión de Serra y llamar la atención sobre la persistencia continuada de los pueblos indígenas en las Américas . La exposición abarca la fotografía, instalaciones, animación, pintura, grabados, y un mural.

Artistas: Dugan Aguilar, Jesús Barraza, Melanie Cervantes, Juan Fuentes, Tricia Jameson-Rainwater, Jean LaMarr, John J. Leaños, L. Frank Manriquez, Cherrie L. Moraga, Celia Herrera Rodriguez, Jessica Sabogal, Kanyon Sayers-Roods, Alicia Bernal Siu, Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie, y Fan Warren.

Inauguración: 2 de Noviembre / 6 pm - 11pm - $ 7
Se proporcionará chocolate caliente gratuito y pan de muerto.


Current Exhibition

art by Adrián Arias, Marsha Shaw & the MCCLA Mission Gráfica Print Collection | Opening July 30, 7:11pm
MISSION CULTURAL CENTER FOR LATINO ARTS Gallery, 2868 Mission Street, San Francisco


Marsha Shaw
The process of printmaking is important because it is through attention to planning, cutting, and printing that I come to understand these relationships. Layers of wallpaper patterns, insects, birds and human anatomy, create a palimpsest in which some images are obscured, while others remain intact.
In “Current” Marsha show a series of new collages on Wood.

Adrian Arias
I believe in the transformation of reality, my religion is the poetry, I believe in the cells, molecules, in the hard work, in the ideas, I believe in the creative power of the community, the power generated for a group of people creating together, and also in the pleasure to work alone, facing my own demons, listening the interior of myself.
In “Current” I show a series of mixed media drawings sometimes worked at live in concerts of my friends (Locura, Rupa and the April Fishes) and other that takes me long days of preparation and creative crisis. The theme is the impulse of life, and how dreams are a very important space to créate. Most of the drawings are based in dreams that I had.

Mission Grafica Prints Collection
Within our collection, we have cataloged more than 4,000 posters. This important collection will become one of the most important collections of Latino / Chicano posters in the country. With this archive, the MCCLA possess an important artistic tool to educate the general public and the Latino community about its artists and their print making. The preservation of this body of work is vital to our rich Chicano and Latino cultural history, and it serves as a powerful monument not only to our culture but to the artistic talents of our proud community. Banner Current

5 hours of Art Happening |curated by Adrian Arias

Saturday, May 16 / 5:11 - 10:00pm / $8 / MCCLA Galleries, 2nd floor

This year, under the theme-title “Carnaval Dream: Libertad de cuerpo y mente” Illusion show is coming back, after 7 years of absence. This One Day Happening show, is the reunion of more than 60 artists from different disciplines working together to express to the community what is art here and now, to show the creative process and to collaborate with other artists. This year we have 19 musicians, 11 painters, 8 poets, 15 dancers and performers, 13 artists of installation, and more.

Artists who dressed in white walk through a procession carrying a white briefcase into the galleries of the Mission Cultural Center. When the artists arrive to the galleries they will walk into the galleries that are covered in white paper for them to unpack their instruments, paints, and other materials to create art all over the gallery walls as well as floors.

Please dear AUDIENCE be dressed in black, and experience to walk in the empty space of the gallery completed wrapped with white paper. Images about past Illusion shows: illusionshow.blogspot.com

Show de Ilusiones
Sábado, Mayo 16 / 5:11-10pm / $8 / Galerias

Illusion Show contará con más de 60 artistas de diferentes disciplinas en este show de solo un día presentando arte del aquí y ahora. Los artistas estarán vestidos de blanco y caminarán en una procesión desde la estación 24 BART hasta las galerías de MCCLA. Pedímos que la audiencia se vista de negro para verdaderamente experimentar una ilusión.


Rupa Marya
Greg Landau
Camilo Landau
Diana Gameros
Jorge Molina
Sonia Caltvedt
Bob Marsh
Axel Herrera
David Mc Lean
Ryan García
Yuli Norrish
María Fernanda Valecillos
Raul Vargas
Dina Zarif
Tyson Ayers & Interarts Ensemble
Amaranth String Quartet
(Katie von Braun,
Abigail Shiman,
Erica Zappia,
Helen Newby),
(Andreina M.S.,
Joshua C.S.,
Rob Usher)
Anais Azul

Performance & Dance:
Anna Halprin
Wednesday Performance
and scoring Lab.
w/ scores by
Brian Collentine
Tomoko Hiraoka
Sue Heinemann
Metzi Henriquez & José Rivera with
Fogo Na Roupa
Nicole Klaymoon &
Embodiment Project
Hilit Maniv
Masako Yura
Kenya Moses
Oakland Improv Collective
(w/ Tania Llambelis,
Darcie Luce,
Meghan Ballog,
Rene Lambert,
Alan Phillips,
Sinclair Savage,
Glenn Evans,
Meredith Ladyvenom
Piñata Dance Collective
(Liz Duran Boubion
Emmeline Gonzalez-Beban
& Ria DasGupta)
Stephanie Sherman
Keon Saghari
Jenny Valdez
Irina Eshta
Vanessa Fabrega
Dynamism Dance-Theatre
(Benni Baker &
Dominique Nigro)
Amy Cranch
Jessica Brown Oviedo
La Mica

Nina Serrano,
Jack Hirschman,
Agneta Falk
Jorge Argueta
Virginia Barret
Boby Coleman
Jennifer Barone
Tilda Kapuya

Murals, Drawings, Paintings,
Sculptures and Installations:

Mona Caron
René Yañez
Susan Matthews
Todd Thomas Brown
Carlos Cartagena
Sarah Beckstrom
Mia Rollow
Caleb Duarte
Mara Lea Brown
Howard Katz
Esmeralda Padilla
Susana Aragón
Ytaelena López
Marc Hors
Indira Urrutia
Tania Figueroa
Ella Noe
Anastasia Terentyeva
Daniel Diaz Tai
Quique Davila
Fuzz Grant
Fidel Dolorier
Dánica Conneely
Iris Clearwater
Noah Brown
Fernando Meza


Jadelynn Stahl
Cheliz López
Robert Hickling
Irma Gogiashvili
Renee Baldochi
José Antonio Galloso
Dorothy Payne
Katy Fox
Luis Vazquez Gomez
María Claudia Guerrero

Gallery Exhibition:
THE MARVELOUS REAL Jeremiah Barber & Ingrid Rojas Contreras

Curated by Sanaz Mazinani
Exhibition Dates: January 20-February 28, 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 29 5-8pm | $5 Admission

Lo Real Maravilloso is a groundbreaking two-person exhibition by the husband-wife team, artist Jeremiah Barber and writer Ingrid Rojas Contreras. Bridging narrative storytelling with visual art, Rojas and Barber collaborate around themes present in both their works — the absence of the body, extrasensory occurrences in the everyday, memory displaced by time, and the nature of belief. Lo Real Maravilloso is an observational portrayal of fervent belief in dramatically different backgrounds — Rojas’ grandfather was a medicine man in Colombia and Barber’s father was a pastor in the American midwest. Through video, sculpture, and artist books this show features new works and highlights selections from their ten year collaboration.


LO REAL MARAVILLOSO Jeremías Barber & Ingrid Rojas Contreras

Comisariada por Sanaz Mazinani
Exposición: 20 enero-28 febrero, 2015
Recepción de Apertura: Jueves 29 de Enero 5-8pm | Entrada $5

Lo real Maravilloso es una exposición innovadora por dos personas equipo de marido y mujer, artista Jeremiah Barber y escritora Ingrid Rojas Contreras. Conectando la narración con el arte visual, Rojas y Barber colaboran en torno a temas presentes en ambas sus obras - la ausencia del cuerpo, los sucesos extrasensoriales en lo cotidiano, la memoria desplazada por el tiempo, y la naturaleza de la creencia. Lo real Maravilloso es un retrato observacional de ferviente creencia en dramáticamente diferentes fondos – el abuelo de Rojas era un hombre medicinal en Colombia y el padre de Barber fue un pastor en el medio oeste de Estados Unidos. A través de vídeo, escultura y libros de estos artista, este espectáculo cuenta con nuevas obras y destaca las selecciones de su colaboración de diez años.



Instructors: Ingrid Rojas Contreras and Jeremiah Barber
Date: January 24 – 25, 2015
Days: Saturday & Sunday
Time: 1 pm to 3:30 pm
Location: Inti Raymi Gallery

Create an accordion book that explores your heritage through writing and visual storytelling. In every family there are one (or several) stories about strange coincidences, stories of eerie chance or luck, destiny, signs, and foreshadowing. Commonly dreams are a star feature. For this workshop, we will write about such a story (it can be a story that either happened to you or to a relative). Once you have your mind settled on one story (or a few), look for pertinent materials to illustrate it—either a photograph of the protagonist, of the place, of an object in question, or maybe it's something physical (a piece of jewelry, a piece of cloth). Get as creative as you want. Writer Ingrid Rojas Contreras and Artist Jeremiah Barber will lead you into translating the object you bring into an artwork. At the end of the workshop, you will have a six-page accordion book. Students are requested to bring family materials (photos, documents, etc.) for inspiration.

Selected books will be exhibited at the Inti Raymi Gallery for the month of February.


Lowrider photo exhibit and more

Title of Show: EAST SIDE STORY AND CHICANO SOUL: Lowrider photo exhibit and more

Opening Reception:August 9, 2014 6pm-9:30pm/ $5 admission fee/ Galleries

Film screening: Aug. 9, 2014: “Why I Ride” written by Vero Majano & Debra Koffler 7PM

In conjunction with the Lowriding season MCCLA is thrilled to present featured artists: Yolanda Lopez, Art Meza, Adolfo Arias, and Fern Balladares whose art work represent lowrider culture past and present. Join us at the opening reception to meet the artists, hear excerpts of Meza’s Lowriting book, view screening of “Why I Ride” a documentary on 80’s lowrider car scene in San Francisco, walk along the display of lowrider cars parked in front of the center, and listen to oldies by DJ Soulera. Be a part of reclaiming public space. Don’t miss out.

Gustavo Mora Printmaker

Opening: Thursday, July 31 7:00-9:00pm
Closing : Saturday, August 30 / 2014

images information:
Title: Lumbre (fire)
Medium: woodcut
Size: 21" 3/4 x 29" 1/8
Year: 2011

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Bio: Gustavo Mora was born in Mexico and studied Studio Arts at the Institute of Visual Arts in Puebla Mexico where he was influenced by Expressionism, Mexican Graphic Arts, as well as, literary and cinematic works. Mora’s work is based on his drawing practice and is applied to different techniques in intaglio, relief printmaking and lithography. He has participated in exhibits and art events in Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Costa Rica, France, Romania, Greece, the United States and Japan. Mora has been member of the California Society of Printmakers since 2008 and is currently teaching relief printmaking at Mission Grafica.

"Off the Wall"
MCCLA Silent Art Auction

Opening: Wednesday, July 9 / 2014 - 630pm
Closing : Saturday, July 26 / 2014 - 7:30 PM
Auction Date: July 9- July 26
Tickets: $5

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Own a piece of Mission Street history, Mission Cultural Center presents “Off the Wall” a silent print auction to benefit Mission Grafica. Prints will be from the Mission Grafica Archive and will be on view at MCCLA’s main gallery from July 9 - July 26, 2014, followed by a closing reception Saturday evening July 26 from 7:00 to 9:30PM.

Tickets are $5 and will be available at the door the night of the event. Enjoy a no-host bar, gourmet food and Latin music. Winning bidders will be able to take their prints “off the wall” at the end of the reception. Also on sale, in the Inti Raymi Gallery, are woodcut prints from the revolutionary group collective called Asaro (Assembly of Revolutionary Artists of Oaxaca). Prints may be purchased before July 26 for 30% above the list price.


Opening: Wednesday, May 14 / 6-10pm
Artist Talk : 7:30-9:30 PM Thursday, May 15, 2014
Project Director: Jill Flanders Crosby
Exhibition Date: May 14 - June 27
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10am - 5pm

“Secretos bajo la Piel” Artist Panel Thursday, May 15 | 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm / MCCLA Gallery Artists Jill Flanders Crosby and Brian Jeffery of Anchorage, Alaska, Marianne Kim of Tucson, Arizona, and Susan Matthews of Oakland will discuss issues relating to their various art forms, the nature of their collaborative process as they researched ongoing cultural connections between Cuba, Ghana, and Togo.

Secretos Bajo La Piel (Secrets Under the Skin) is a collaborative, contemporary art installation comprised of performance-based videos, large-scale photographs, large-scale paintings on canvas, contemporary illuminated manuscripts, media, and live performance. Seven collaborating artists worked conjointly with traditional communities in Cuba and Ghana.

Secretos Bajo La Piel explores the connections of the Ewe peoples of West Africa to the Cuban Arará peoples who are descendants of the Ewe as a result of the slave trade. It focuses on the shared traditional dances, music, ritual, elder oral histories, and artistic roots in specific communities: Dzodze, Ghana; Adjodogou, Togo; Perico, Cuba; and Agramonte, Cuba. Central to the research in Cuba are the oral histories that describe, revere, and remember elders who are often described as the “first” African arrivals who brought their religious objects and traditions from Africa as “Secretos Bajo La Piel” (Secrets under the Skin). These stories offer a way of evocative social and cultural memory intermixed with history, myth, and imagination. The installation connects these specific Ghanaian and Cuban communities with their shared roots through contemporary art.

All of the collaborators involved in Secretos Bajo La Piel have joined Project Director Jill Flanders Crosby in field sharing and contributing their insights as well as responses both as fellow researchers and as artists. Their contributions bring the research material alive through different artistic mediums while simultaneously supporting and reinforcing each other to create a layered and evocative landscape of repeating themes and images.

Jill Flanders Crosby, Project director, dancer, media artist of Anchorage, Alaska
Melba Nuñez Isalbe, translator, transcriber, project facilitator of Havana, Cuba
Roberto Pedroso Garcia, dancer, babalawo, project facilitator of Havana, Cuba
Susan Matthews, painter, percussionist of Oakland, California
Brian Jeffery, dance, photographer of Anchorage, Alaska
Marianne Kim, performance artist of Phoenix, Arizona
Brandon McElroy, photographer, videographer and film editor of Anchorage, Alaska

Complete bios are available on the website:

Exhibition: "Sólo Mujeres: HOME / inside out" an interdisciplinary exhibit
Curated by: Susana Aragón and Indira Urrutia
Opening: Wednesday, March 12, 2014. at 7 pm.
Gallery Hours: Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed: Sunday and Monday
Live performance by: María José Montijo and Diana Gameros
Closing: Friday, April 18. Poetry Reading and open Mic 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

27 women artists explore the symbolic space of home, through installation, painting, photography, sculpture, poetry, video and mixed media Self reflection, thoughts memories, feelings, ideas, and dreams are expressed in this interdisciplinary show.

Yolanda Lopez, Xuchi Eggleton, Ximena Sosa, Windsong, Susana Aragón, Sofía Elías, Tina Escaja, Tanya Marie Vlach, Rebeca García Gonzales, Solange Bonilla Leahy, Natalia Anciso, Melanie Lacy Kusters, Marta R, Zabaleta, Mariella Zevallos, Indira Urrutia, Gabriela Luz Sierra, Flor Khan, Fan Warren, Cristina Ibarra, Clara Cheeves, Carmen Lang, Camila Perez-Goddard, Anna Simson, Alejandra Rassvetaieff, Adriana Camarena.

Related events:
LUNA NEGRA, 10th Annual event with Women’s performing art click here for more info.


artwork by Poli Marichal

Exhibition: “Women that Byte”, Prints that address Activism and Resistance, as part of the MCCLA 27th “Solo Mujeres Exhibit”

Curated by Juan R. Fuentes

Opening: Wednesday, March 12/ 7:00 pm / $5 General Admission, this admission is valid for both shows at Inti Raymi Gallery

Exhibit dates: March 12- April 18

Nine Latina printmakers examine the social/political dynamics of our times, addressing issues of gender, immigration and international solidarity.

Bay Area artists:
Melanie Cervantes
Ester Hernandez
Olivia Hernandez
Gilda Posada

Los Angeles artists:
Kay Brown
Nalani Hernandez
Poli Marichal
Sonia Romero
Marianne Sadowski

"Women that Byte" is part of the Southern Graphics Conference International hosted for the first time in San Francisco. The SGCI is the largest print organization in North America where artists from all 50 states attend the conference with international attendees coming from North, South, Central America, and Europe. The San Francisco area conference is making a concerted effort to extend outreach to artists and institutions throughout the Pacific Rim, including Asia and Latin America.

As part of the conference, there will be a self-guided tour through San Francisco's Mission district where 16 different participating shops, galleries, and art institutions will be hosting printmaking exhibitions and celebrations on Saturday, March 29th, 2014.

Download map here.
For more details visit: sgcisanfrancisco.org

Resurfacing Opening Night - MCCLA Exhibition - 2014

MCCLA Galleries present:
Resurfacing Exhibit
Exhibition Date: January 15 - February 21 2014.
Curator's website

Wednesday, January 15.
Opening Reception / 6:30 - 9:30pm / $5 / Gallery

Wednesday, January 22.
Teach In and Art Party: Surveillance, policing, prison and corporate complicity: let’s take action!
6:00pm-8:00 pm / $5 - $15 Sliding Scale / Gallery

Wednesday, January 29.

Film Screening: Sneak Preview of “Flying Paper” and Discussion with co-director Roger Hill.
7:00 pm / $5-20 sliding scale / Theater / More info here:

Wednesday, February 5.
New Mural about Palestine and Global Water Rights in Oakland.
6:30pm- 9:00pm / $5-$15 Sliding Scale / Gallery

Saturday, February 8.
Conference and Film Screening: Privatization, Labor Rights, Human Rights, The Environment, and The Veolia Group. 1:00-9:00 pm / $10 (No one turned away) / Theater and Gallery

Wednesday, February 12.

Round Table Discussion: Winning Divestment: Student Struggles for Peace
7:00 pm / $5-$15 Sliding Scale / Gallery / More info here:

Wednesday, February 19.

Closing Reception: ArtForces Report Back on Recent Projects in Refugee Camps in Lebanon and MAIA Mural Brigade in Gaza, Plus Special Guest. 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm / Gallery/ Donation More info here:

“Resurfacing” is an interactive multi-media installation celebrating the confluence of international reverence for water and the struggle to keep water clean and available for all. Following the flow of water related issues as they wash over the globe, Susan Greene and her team Art Forces, return from another visit to the Gaza Strip in occupied Palestine to connect problem-solving strategies and thought provoking art from around the globe to our home in the Bay.

MCCLA Galleries
Title: Weeping for the Life and Death of the Mission District / Llanto de Vida y Muerte en el Districto de La Misión
Exhibition: October 16 - November 23, 2013.

Opening Reception: November 2, 6:00 - 9:00pm | $5 admission

Curated by: Dr. Martina Ayala

Special Guest Artesanos from Mexico, D.F.:
Foro Binniza
Alejandro Chirino
Miguel Angel Sequeyro

La Llorona

Artists participating:

Special Guest Artists:
Diane Kahlo
Lourdes Portillo

MCCLA Ofrendas dedicated to:
Dulce Morales
Carlos Ramirez
Rafael Manriquez
Juan Lopez
Suzie Thomas

Images for graphic design provided by:
Olivia Levins Holden
Neil Girling

Graphic Designer:
Adrian Arias

Day of the Dead Exhibiting Artists:

Inti-Raymi Gallery
Margarita Camarena
Montana Murdoch
Anna Elizabeth Escobedo
Alejandra Palos
Jesus Barela
Alejandro Chirino
Martina Ayala
Anabelle Bolanos
Antonio Huerta

Yeyson Castillo
Luna Press
Evangelina Portillo
Alfonso Ochoa
Alejandro Chirino

Large Gallery
Olivia Levins Holden
Mission Language Vocational School
Comadres Boricuas
Marci Valdivieso
Alfonso Ochoa
Herminia Albarran
Helene Lynch
Vanessa Mosqueda
Rocio Guardado
Antonio Huerta
Jose Manuel Islas
Mia Gonzalez
Modern Times Bookstore
Lex Non Scripta
Anita De Lucio
Carmen D. Melendez-Lugo
City College of San Francisco
Linette Morales
Claudia Arenas
Orlando de la Garza
Yo Soy 132 Bay Area
Causa Justa
Ana Ananda
Daniel Walker
Luis-Vasquez Gomez
Jean Franco
Jesus Guillen
Colectiva Xochiquetzal - SFSU"
Oreydis Maceo
Evangelina Portillo

Nina Grosser
Mondo Jud Hart
Leila Mansur
Victor Navarrete
Calixto Robles
Francisco Camplis
Carlos Camplis
Deborah Sullivan
Sonia Orban-Price
Ashley Jane Tomajan
Tara Ganace
Mark Peterson-Estrada
Esther Muñoz
Leonard Flynn Elementary School

Hanging Work:
Laura Echegaray
Sheila Hernandez

Day of the Dead Cakes and Sugar Skulls:
Rosa Rodriguez “Sweets Collection”
Maribel Garcia
Mission Language Vocational School Students
Martina La Latina

Staircase Gallery:
Yo Soy 132 Bay Area
Jose Cruz
Sonia Orban-Price
Mariposa Villaluna
Jhovany Rodriguez
Casa Bonampak

Artists participating:

Favianna Rodriguez - Prints / Julio Salgado & Raymundo Hernández - Prints / Paz de la Calzada & Eliza Barrios - Public Art Intervention / Marc Hors & Indira Urrutia - Photography / Carina Lomeli - Paintings / Marsha Shaw - Prints / Adrián Arias - Drawings

MCCLA Galleries
Exhibition: August 14 - September 21, 2013.

Opening Reception: August 14, 7:13 pm | $5 admission
Live chamber music from Classical Revolution

Talk by the artists: September 18, 7pm, free | show ends Sept. 21

Untitled is an invitation, to stop, see, feel and explore the environment, to understand the process of being in a physical or mental place, and develop a new language. Migration, intervention, documentation, visual thinking and interpretation of family and societal dreams, are some of the points of departure of this unique exhibit featuring Bay Area artists.

awaiting the arrival of dawn

Favianna Rodriguez - Prints

Hailed as "visionary" and "ubiquitous," Rodriguez is renown for her vibrant posters dealing with issues such as war, immigration, globalization, and social movements. By creating lasting popular symbols - where each work is the multiplicand and its location the multiplier - her work interposes private and public space, as the art viewer becomes the participant carrying art beyond the borders of the museum. “As a native of Oakland, the home of the Black Panther Party, my work is focused in this community. I am a core member of the EastSide Arts Alliance, a third world artist collective that supports and challenges all its members to think critically about revolution and be accountable to the grassroots. Through the alliance I am also a teacher, and have learned the importance of regeneration, that is, to pass on our skills to the next generation of cultural workers.”
Complete bio: favianna.com

awaiting the arrival of dawn

Carina Lomeli - Paintings

As a Political, Impressionist and a Xicana Artist, my life requires the direct engagement in the community. I observe the world with concern for the future and express my anxiety in my paintings. The current series has been in production for over 5 years. The Surreal pieces depicting women calmly embracing the moment of war are images that hunt my dreams and now everyday media. However, do not confuse their actions with lack of concern, it actually implies our current social environment where men are still in charge of what happens in our world. Other works like “We are the 99%” and “We are Legion” are from my own photography during the general strike in Oakland November 2011. I hope my works to be a point of conversation and inspiration for all that seek to change the current global system. A system that pushes war, debt, and hatred.


Indira Urrutia Marc Hors - Photography

Indira & Marc are the creators of 2Greenprints.org, an itinerant photographic project which moves on bicycles across the American Continent (From Alaska to the Chilean Antarctic) in search of natural, social and cultural values that characterize the countries of the American Continent. A project promoting solidarity, equity, participation and respect among cultures by linking what we learned from human behaviors, beliefs and traditions with environmental and human right issues. Indira Urrutia (Chile), graduated from Southern Connecticut State University in 1994. Since then I had been following my passion for photography with explorations into other formats such as mix media, installation photography and video. Marc Hors (Spain), is an unconditional dreamer. Since 2003 has been traveling around the world making life a passion, an adventure, and an experience to be documented with photography.


Paz De La Calzada & Eliza Barrios - Public Art Intervention

Daily Slots is a collaboration project between San Francisco based artists Paz de la Calzada and Eliza Barrios. Using the newspaper stands located along Market and Montgomery Street as "vehicles to deliver information", Paz and Eliza sent bi/weekly messages through the windows of these structures. Altering the visual landscape of the pedestrian/urban environment, the messages were a mixture of iconography and slogans that call attention to the economy, consumerism and un-sustainability of the capitalistic culture.
Video link: vimeo.com/16017454

Julio Salgado

Julio Salgado - Prints

Julio Salgado is an undocumented and queer artist currently residing in Berkeley, CA. The purpose of his art is to document the brave actions of young undocumented activists who are pushing for immigrant rights in this country. It is important to highlight the individuals who identify as queer because that identity has been silenced in various movements of the past and we need to learn from our mistakes. Salgado studies Journalism at California State University, Long Beach. He currently works alongside Favianna Rodriguez at CultureStrike, a pro-migrant network of artists and culture-makers in the U.S.

Julio Salgado

Raymundo Hernandez - Prints

Raymundo Hernandez currently resides in Northridge, CA. He designed the popular "I am Un-Docu-Men-ted" logo that many undocumented activists around the country have proudly displayed in shirts, stickers and posters. Through his art, Hernandez creates awareness of social justice issues and empowers communities, creating progressive methodologies to express solidarity with other international movements.

Marsha Shaw

Marsha Shaw - Prints

Marsha lives and works in San Francisco, California where she maintains an active art and teaching practice. She received an MFA in Printmaking from California College of the Arts in San Francisco and a B.A. and M.A. from California State University Northridge. Shaw is currently an adjunct faculty member at De Anza College in Cupertino where she teaches drawing and design. She is the manager of Mission Grafica, a print studio at Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, where she also teaches screen-printing workshops. She has lectured and taught courses in bookmaking and printmaking at California College of the Arts, San Francisco Center for the Book, Richmond Art Center, Museum of Children Art and Mendocino Art Center. Shaw’s work is in several collections and has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Marsha Shaw

Adrian Arias - Drawings

Adrian is a poet and visual artist, curator and cultural promoter, living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2000. He uses found objects to create book-objects, installations and poetry. His drawings are the representation of a changed reality, the dream inside the dream and the poetry of the lines. His work was showed internationally in Paris, Venice, Madrid, Athens, Berkeley, San Francisco, Lima. “I believe in the transformation of reality, my religion is the poetry, I believe in the body, the blood, the ideas and dreams. I believe in the creative power of the community and the personal power of everyone. Drawing is one of the best ways to connect with myself and at the same time with the world”.

Website: www.adrianarias.net

Untitled Panel Discussion

Special Event, Talk by the artists: September 18, 7pm, free

Migration, intervention, documentation, visual thinking and interpretation of the dreams of the family and society, these are some of the points of discussion in this panel of artists from the exhibition "UNTITLED".

Each artist will show images and short videos talking about their own creative process and about the pieces on display.

Participating artists: Paz de la Calzada, Eliza Barrios, Marsha Shaw, Indira Urrutia, Carina Lomeli and Adrian Arias.
Where: Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, at 2868 Mission Street, between 24th and 25th streets.
When: Wednesday, September 18 at 7pm
Admission: FREE

june 2013

Memorias Ancestrales

Exhibition: June 26 - July 20, 2013.
Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 26 / 7:00:pm / Adms. $5
MCCLA Galleries
Exhibit curated by: Ella Diaz

Artists: Regina José Galindo, Deborah Roberts, Elizabeth “Oscar” Maynard, Rye Purvis, Laura Lucía Sanz, Lorraine García-Nakata, Ana Teresa Fernández.

Jose Manuel Islas es un artista autodidacto originario de Michoacan, México, actualmente reside en Daly City, California.

Jose Manuel tiene influencias del patrimonio cultural reflejado en la riqueza de la cultura prehispánica. La belleza excepcional de las máscaras coloridas, las pinturas y las esculturas son la inspiración de las pinturas creadas por el artista Jose Manuel cuyas pinturas representan los espíritus guardiánes, los animales, y las personas nativas. Su uso de color vibrante en sus pinturas es inspirado por los colores expresivos comúnmente utilizado por los artistas de Michoacan, México.

Las máscaras fueron creadas por personas nativas para expresar sus creencias por medio de las danzas rituales y las ceremonias. Los Sacerdotes utilizaban las máscaras para llamar a los dioses durante los sacrificios y los ritos ceremoniales. Las máscaras eran creadas por campesinos, carpinteros y otros trabajadores quienes pasaban sus conocimientos, pero no se identificaban o representaban en su obra. La tradición de crear máscaras aun esta vigente en el México de hoy.

Jose Manuel da vida a las memorias ancestrales por medio de una rica colección de pinturas en acrílico y medio mixto, estableciendo una continuidad entre le pasado prehispano y el México de hoy por medio de su obra artística.

april 2013

“If Gender is a Kind of Doing”

Exhibition: April 9 - May 25, 2013.
Opening Reception: Friday, April 12 / 7:00:pm / Adms. $5 / MCCLA Galleries
Exhibit curated by: Ella Diaz

Artists: Regina José Galindo, Deborah Roberts, Elizabeth “Oscar” Maynard, Rye Purvis, Laura Lucía Sanz, Lorraine García-Nakata, Ana Teresa Fernández.

At its core, this exhibit privileges formal achievement in visual art, showcasing expertise and training in visual fields; but it also asks “if gender is a kind of doing, an incessant activity performed in part, without one’s knowing and without one’s willing?” (Butler 2004, 35). Engaging Judith Butler’s question, the exhibit analyzes constructions of the female gender by including several compositions of the female form. From painting and drawing, to video and performance art, the works move viewers beyond formal values of art, and toward an understanding of the racial, patriarchal, and classed constructions of gender.

Artist and scholar Coco Fusco has explored intersections of art, the body, and gender politics within the competing colonialisms of the U.S. and Latin America. In Corpus Delecti: Performance Art of the Americas (2000), Fusco brings together analyses of canonical and emerging Latina/o and Latin American performance artists to provide a historical context and theoretical framework. But Fusco begins the anthology by contemplating her title, Corpus Delecti. Originally, Fusco had intended the title to reflect the “illegitimately violent exercise of power over bodies” (2). She used a Latin Dictionary to find the term, “corpus delicti,” which means “the material substance, such as a body or a victim in murder, upon which a crime has been committed” (2). Inadvertently, Fusco used “corpus delecti,” a term that refers to “the body that derives or incarnates pleasure” (3). Her mistake was remarkable because it addressed the “tropicalist stereotype of the erotic Latin body propagated by touristic entertainment” (3). So often, the female persona and performances of femininity are attached to entertainment, whether or not one is on vacation in a far-off place. In-between the tension of the “corpus delicti” (power over bodies) and the “corpus delecti” (pleasure of bodies), this exhibit stages performances of gender by bodies that both perpetuate and transgress western traditions and stereotypes of the female form.

Furthermore, If gender is a kind of doing is an annual show for the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, and, historically, a Latina-only show. This fact complicates the bodies that are on display because many of them represent the female form outside racial definitions of the “Latina,” challenging notions of what is exotic and what is “normal.”

january 2013

Awaiting for the Arrival of the Dawn

***Evento Bilingüe***

January 16 – February 16, 2013 / INTI RAYMI Gallery
Opening Reception. January 16, 6:30 pm / $ 5

Special event: February 6, 6:30pm / Conversation with Moïse Touré.

Moïse Touré joins the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in addressing the question of community while nurturing the talent of non-professional participants. $5 donation suggested.

The exhibition is the result of a work with Bay Area residents representative of the Latino cultural diversity. It addresses the question of community while nurturing the talent of non-professional participants.
“Esperando la Llegade del Alba” places each participant at the center of the creative process based upon the cooperation between acclaimed international artists Moise Touré and Francis Viet, local talent Kiazad Ehya, Tomo Saito, and the non-professional performers who have participated in the year-long adventure.
From the fullness of individual memories, experiences, histories and testimonies to the discovery of a collective identity “Esperando la Llegade del Alba” shows that cultural, social and political barriers can be overcome when participants share their thoughts, emotions and inspirations.
It is a continuation of Moïse Touré’s past projects in France and abroad, such as those recently conducted with the National Theatre of Japan, in West Africa, in Brazil and in Vietnam.


Moïse Touré created the company Les Inachevés (The Unfinished) in 1984, in Grenoble, France. He is part of the Academy of Shared Knowledge and Artistic practices. THE ACADEMY is a living meeting point, a place, where political and poetic awareness is achieved, where the epoch’s influences interfere. THE ACADEMY is both a seismograph of society and a free space. Every artistic project is able to create a unique vibrant social event, whose real importance goes well beyond the appearances. THE ACADEMY: art, interaction, participation. Bring the people into the act of creating, invent new forms of artistic expression, question the relationship between amateurism and professionalism, and establish deeper connexions with the population in an ethical and aesthetic perspective. The aim is to make THE ACADEMY a place of artistic sharing, a place of civic education and training, a space where collective discourse is audible.


Kiazad Ehya is a San Francisco based filmmaker and video artist. Currently, he works as a freelance cinematographer and videographer producing commercial, documentary, and narrative style content. Some of his work has been featured on KQED’s Public Media Arts Blog and the Oakland International Film Festival. He was also the recipient of the 2011 “College to Cannes Film Festival” where he was awarded a two-week residency at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Kiazad's personal work seeks to explore stories that represent our culturally pluralistic world and portray underrepresented perspectives of peoples, both in the USA and worldwide.

Additional Video Crew: Adam Gascho, Adan Pulido, Yuko Inatsuki, and Kristian Medina

Thanks to: Michelle Haner, Kunst Stoff , French American Cultural Society, Institute Francais, San Francisco Art Commission, Les Inacheves, and the participants.

Esperando la Llegada del Alba

16 de Enero – 16 de Febrero, 2013 / INTI RAYMI Gallery

La exposición es el resultado de un trabajo con los residentes del Área de la Bahía representantes de la diversidad cultural latina. Se ocupa de la cuestión de la comunidad, mientras nutre el talento de los participantes no profesionales.

"Esperando la Llegada del Alba" coloca a cada participante en el centro del proceso creativo basado en la cooperación entre los aclamados artistas internacionales Moise Touré y Viet Francis, el talento local de Kiazad Ehya, Saito Tomo, y los artistas no profesionales que han participado en esta aventura de un año.

Es una continuación de proyectos anteriores de Moïse Touré en Francia y en el extranjero, como los que recientemente llevó a cabo con el Teatro Nacional de Japón, en el oeste de África, en Brasil y en Vietnam.

Dirigido por Moïse Touré
Director de Video: Kiazad Ehya
Fotografía: Tomo Saito
Coreógrafo: Francis Viet


Moïse Touré creó la empresa Les Inachevés (El Inacabado) en 1984, en Grenoble, Francia. Él es parte de La Academia de Conocimiento Compartido y Las Prácticas Artísticas.

La Academia es un punto de encuentro de estar, un lugar donde se logra la conciencia política y poética, y donde la influencia de la época de interferir. Es a la vez un sismógrafo de la sociedad y un espacio libre. Cada proyecto artístico es capaz de crear un único evento vibrante social, cuya verdadera importancia va mucho más allá de las apariencias.

La Academia es el arte, la interacción, y la participación. Llevar a la gente en el acto de crear, inventar nuevas formas de expresión artística, cuestionar la relación entre amateurismo y profesionalismo, y establecer conexiones más profundas con la población en una perspectiva ética y estética. El objetivo es hacer de La Academia un lugar de intercambio artístico, un lugar de educación cívica y formación, un espacio en donde el discurso colectivo es audible.


Kiazad Ehya es un cineasta basado en San Francisco. Recibió una licenciatura en Cine de San Francisco State University.

En la actualidad, trabaja como director de fotografía y es un camarógrafo independiente que produce documentales, comerciales, y contenido al estilo narrativo. Parte de su trabajo ha aparecido en el Blog para medios de comunicación públicos de KQED y el Festival Internacional de Cine de Oakland. También fue el ganador del "College to Cannes Film Festival" en el 2011, donde se le concedió una residencia de dos semanas en el Festival de Cine de Cannes en Francia.

El trabajo personal Kiazad procura explorar historias que representan nuestro mundo culturalmente plural y retratar las perspectivas mal representadas de los pueblos, tanto en los EE.UU. y en todo el mundo.

Gracias a: Michelle Haner, Kunst Stoff , French American Cultural Society, Institute Francais, San Francisco Art Commission, Les Inacheves, y a los participantes.

aug/sept 2012


Curated by Nora Enriquez
August 25 - September 29, 2012

Opening Reception August 29 6:30 - 9:30p

Special Event:
Join architects, Sandra Vivanco, Ila Berman, Ana Elvira Velez, Frida Escobedo on September 24th for a panel discussion hosted by the California College of the Arts.

“Spaces Through Gender” is curated by Nora Enriquez, a mexican architect and designer based in San Francisco who has lent her own perspective to architectural projects in the United States and Mexico. In collaboration, she has also curated “Exonome”, a collection of artwork from Latin American artists living in California, as well as “Mexico 2010”, a celebration of Mexico’s Bicentennial at the de Young Museum.

Women’s influence to the world of design has been slowly recognized by the collective consciousness. In Latin America, the first generation of influential women in architecture is just emerging. This exhibit showcases the contributions of some of these pioneers, each of whom runs their own firm, has a unique theoretic approach to the design process and plays a significant role in shaping the built environment. The work is presented in various forms of media including drawings, 3-D models, photography, videos and temporary installations, all of which feature the distinct viewpoints of these women.

This selection of works highlights the similarities, adjacencies and differences among the projects and intends to ignite the dialogue: what is the perspective of gender in architecture and how is it relevant? Does gender matter?

The design process is influenced by various external parameters such as geography, environment, economy, culture and society; however, individuals interpret these parameters based on subjective factors such as personal preference and experience, which are often influenced by their gender. The concepts behind the exhibited work trend toward social architecture by creating meaningful environments, integrating buildings with nature, using local resources and materials, and attaining sustainability and contextual design, however, one should be careful not to generalize this as a single, collective, feminine approach. It is often claimed that women perceive the world differently from men, but one can only speculate whether a “women’s worldview” can be appropriately defined and whether women’s involvement will shift the established paradigm of design and aesthetics.

Through this diverse collection of work, the audience is encouraged to explore and examine the broad spectrum of factors that influence architectural design and thought, as well as to consider how women’s unique experiences shape their perspectives, and consequently, how those perspectives reflect in their contributions to the built environment and to determine whether gender matters.

aug/sept 2012

"Finishing Move"
August 4th, 3:30pm - 6:00 pm

With Promo Lucha Azteca & Los Bomberos de San Francisco Featuring:
The Legendary Mil Mascaras

Join us in the final battle between good and evil as we celebrate the closing reception of LA QUEBRADORA! The event will eature a high flying exhibition of strength and acrobatics performed live by Mil Mascaras and local Bay Area Luchadores!

3:30-4:30p Meet legendary Mil Mascaras in MCCLA's gallery with purchase of a "Finishing Move" ticket, or $2 meet and greet ticket. Meet and Greet tickets only available on day of event.

4:30-6p Promo Luca Azteca wrestling matches between Bay Area Luchadores.

Tickets can be purchased on EventBrite or MCCLA front office or box office.
A portion of the proceeds will go to MCCLA's Gallery programming.
march 2012

Documenting the Universal Material
March 17, 2012 - May 5, 2012

Opening Reception: March 21 6:30-9:30p
Main Gallery, Cash Bar and Light Snacks

Curated by iona rozeal brown and Veronica Jackson, this 25th Annual Solo Mujeres exhibition utilizes photography, watercolor, graphite, textiles, audio, video, and mixed-media to explore aspects of female empowerment through documentation. As documenters of their identity, lives, loves, losses, and related matter, these artists, as narrators, are chroniclers of the worlds around them. They are the visual story tellers interpreting their visual voices through these various mediums.

The distinguished line up of artists includes: Nina Chanel Abney, Dawn Black, Zöe Charlton, Gina M. Contreras, Lisa Cortés, Martha Diaz, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Deborah Grant, Jessica Ingram, Nicole Markoff (Nicacelly), Kelly Ording, Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz (Chuleta), Stephanie Syjuco, and Robyn Twomey. These artists acknowledge and continue the tradition of documentation using their own language.

Public Programs:
April 25, 6:30-9p, “Night in Conversation”: Join participating artists and curators, moderated by Dr. Ella Diaz (Visiting Lecturer, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, SFAI), as we explore their various processes and motives, in so doing, their relationship to the conceptual line of the exhibition― identity explored through documentation. FREE admission. RSVP requested by April 18. 415.643.2775 or galleryasst@missionculturalcenter.org

April 4, 7p, Film Screening: Precious (2009) Executive Produced by Lisa Cortés, Directed by Lee Daniels
April 11, 7p, Film Screening: The Woodsman (2004) Co-Produced by Lisa Cortés, Directed by Nicole Kassell
April 18, 7p, Film Screening: Antonia (2006) Directed by Tata Amaral, Produced by Tata Amaral, Geórgia Costa Araújo, Rui Pires

(FREE admission for all screenings, in MCCLA Theater. Space is limited, RSVP to 415.643.2775 or galleryasst@missionculturalcenter.org)

iona rozeal brown's most recent paintings are an unprecedented mixture of anonymous courtesans, geisha and other Japanese subjects. She explores the theme of afro-asiatic allegory, addressing the global influence of african american culture as fetish. brown's work signals the energy, critical direction and complexity of contemporary practice that is engaged in a tenuous marriage of commerce and resistance. She has had solo exhibitions at MOCA, Ohio; Goff + Rosenthal Berlin, Germany; VOLTA4: Voltany, Basel, Switzerland; G Fine Art, Washington, DC; Caren Golden Fine Art, New York; Sandroni Rey Gallery, Los Angeles; and the Luggage Store, San Francisco. brown received a BS at University of Maryland, a BFA at San Francisco Art Institute, and an MFA at Yale University.

Veronica Jackson is Principal and Senior Exhibit Designer for The Jackson Design Group. As a creative exhibit designer, developer and curator, interpretive master planner, and interior architect for more than 25 years, she has honed her skills by working on culturally significant and historically prominent projects. Although most of her work involves cultural museums and heritage centers, art is substantial in this work because it is integral to the development of all culture. Veronica believes that art maintains sanity and must always exist. As a result, she supports all artists but particularly emerging artists, in order to ensure they are able to engage in their craft. Veronica also believes that art, for many, is a transformative experience and should be accessible to everyone. She gives herself many labels - cultural anthropologist, humanist, entrepreneur - but at the core of all three is this love of art; this powerful tool that is a way out of darkness for some, a means of self-expression for others. Whatever role art plays for the individual, Veronica has a passion to be involved in making sure that it exists and is available to all who want to produce it, gaze at it, debate it, or simply live with it.

janurary 2012


Wednesday January 18th, 6:30 pm / Main Gallery
Cash Bar and Light Snacks/ $5 admission

You Are Beautiful is a simple, powerful statement aspiring to create moments of positive self realization. The exhibition is an anonymous collective of community based projects and interventions, using drawings, photographs, found objects, sound, and installation to engage this fundamental concept in innovative and diverse ways. Also on view, is the You Are/ I Am Book Series, a global, collaborative project from the 2005 exhibit in Chicago.

janurary 2012

Concierto de Reyes - Coro Hispano de San Francisco
Directed by Juan Pedro Gaffney R.

Refreshments & piñata – FREE admission / entrada GRATIS
Saturday January 7th, 2012, 2:00 pm in the 2nd floor Main Gallery

A concert for kids – concierto para niños
En Celebración del dia de reyes “La Epifania”
A chorus of Spanish-speaking communities exploring Latino choral literature.

Founded in 1975, the Coro Hispano de San Francisco is a chorus of the Spanish-speaking communities of the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to exploring and performing the choral literature of the peoples of Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Ranging from the 12th through the 20th century, this repertory embraces both classical and folk music from all parts of the Hispanic World, as well as ethnic music in Amerindian tongues. Conjunto Nuevo Mundo is an ensemble of professional vocalists and instrumentalists dedicated to the parallel repertory of vocal chamber music and solo literature of Iberian and Latin American composers. Performing together as a company, the Coro and Conjunto provide a rich and vibrant energy that makes every concert a celebration.

november 2011

Wednesday, Nov. 2 “Death in Parallel / Muerte Paralela” 6:30 - 11:00pm

Día de los Muertos Gala Reception / Gallery / $5 admission

Una noche especial, visit MCCLA’s Main Gallery for our annual Day of the Dead exhibition featuring “Pan de muerto”, exquisite steam-roller printed banners from students at the University of Montana Print Department, new work from resident artists LAPIZTOLA Collective from Oaxaca, Mexico, and altars representing the resilience and leadership of our Mission community.

Main Gallery, ALTAR ARTISTS: Jennifer Beach and Susan Prentice, Rocio Miller, Carlos Juan Castillo, Hector Zavala, Nelly Reyes, Nina Reyes Rosenberg, Mara Lea Brown, Victor Carrillo, Vanessa M. Mosqueda, Olivia Muñoz and Margarita Muñoz, Paul E. Zinser and John Skwiot, Carlos Martinez, Robert Marosi Bustamante, and Fernando Marti, Melody Rodriguez, Alfonso Ochoa, Herminia Albarrán Romero.

Dead Steamroller Print Project
Galeria Zapatista @ Mission Grafica, MCCLA 4th Floor. Nov 2 - 19 / Hours: Tuesday to Friday 10 am to 5 pm / Saturdays: 10 am to 2 pm

The Day of the Dead Steamroller Print Project began in 2001 as a collaborative, community-based public art project. Blocks are carved over the course of a month utilizing both traditional hand tools, electric carvers, and routers. Prints created during a day long print event are displayed in Missoula's Annual Day of the Dead Parade each November 2nd. Prints are also exhibited around town to further showcase the created works. The event began with students enrolled in printmaking courses at The University of Montana under the direction of professors James Bailey and Elizabeth Dove. The project has expanded to include high school, middle school, and elementary school students, and artists from the community.

University of Montana Print Department students have printed 54 unique images, 250 prints under the Steamroller Print Project, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary.

june 2011

Installation by Ricardo Rivera

June 23rd - July 26th (Inti Raymi Gallery)
Curated by Maurizzio Hector Pineda

Opening Reception June 29th, 6:30-9:30p
Cash Bar and Light Snacks / $5 admission

Local artist, Ricardo Rivera, mines databases of information and cultural research to trigger images and memories in the viewer’s physiological experience of the work. In this featured work, Fantasy is a Place Where it Rains, spinning monitors activate digital sculptures, rendering time and space as phantoms— a literal (dis)embodiment of the “constant present” that is symptomatic of our contemporary moment.

Currently Rivera is Visiting Lecturer at University of California, Berkeley in the department of Art Practice, and a lecturer at City College of San Francisco. Additionally, his diverse practice has led him into collaborations with Christophe Fellay, Kim Anno, Benoit Antille, David Coll, Violeta Luna, Jose Navarrete, and Terry Berlier. Rivera is a member of the Ice on High collective, and is currently working in collaboration with Jose Navarrete, and Violeta Luna on their landmark work Atlacualo, which premiered at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco in March of 2011. Awards and Residencies include the Visions from the New California Award, Exploratorium Museum of Science art and Human Perception residency. Centre de Réflexion sur l'Image et ses contextes, Ecole cantonale d’art du Valais, Sierre Switzerland. Rivera received his B.F.A and M.F.A from the San Francisco Art Institute..

june 2011

A series of installations by artist couple
Debby and Larry Kline

June 25rd - July 23th (Main Gallery)
Curated by Maurizzio Hector Pineda

Opening Reception June 29th, 6:30-9:30p
Cash Bar and Light Snacks / $5 admission

In You We Trust presents a series of installations by artist couple, Debby and Larry Kline, who deftly jockey the (conceptual) borders that inextricably link the U.S. and Mexico. Their projects explore diverse themes such as religion-based rivalries, California- Mexico relations, the U.S. role in global conflicts, and the nature of creative thinking.

Game at Hand, for example, is a piece presented as a beautifully hand-crafted chess set. Upon closer inspection, however, the futility of the game is revealed. The result is a poignant commentary on US involvement in both hot and cold wars in the Middle East. Similarly, The Candy Store uses trinkets and stylized pharmaceuticals to deliver an incisive critique of the medical insurance industry and its hold over access to affordable health care.

Debby and Larry Kline met in the 1980’s while attending John Herron School of Art; Indiana University, where both artists earned their BFAs. Larry completed his MFA studying under the tutelage of Grace Hartigan at The Maryland Institute, School of Art.

Both artists have significant individual exhibition histories as well as extensive backgrounds in museum work which include The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; The Chicago Art Institute; The Indianapolis Museum of Art; and the California Center for the Arts. The artists have lectured on various aspects of the arts and have initiated an artist’s think tank, which fostered a more vibrant art community in southern California. Debby was acting Museum Director of the California Center for the Arts. Currently residing on the Advisory Board, she was the President of COVA (Combined Organizations for the Visual Arts) for three years. The Klines curate exhibitions and are published writers.

june 2011

A Contemporary Look at Printmakers in the U.S.

May 14 - June 8, 2011 (Main Gallery)
Co-Curated by Maurizzio Hector Pineda

Opening Reception June 29th, 6:30-9:30p
Cash Bar and Light Snacks / $5 admission

EN PAPEL showcases the breadth and scope of recently-produced imagery emerging from Latino printmaking studios throughout the US. The exhibit traces provocative delineations of the Latino body politic as expressed through the artists' reflections of the world(s) they inhabit.

Consejo Grafico is an independent network of print studios that was formed to advance the legacy and viability of printmaking in the United States. The Consejo promotes collaboration as a condition to further the preservation and continuity of the critical/activist orientation that spearheaded Latino printmaking. This network spans the nation and includes works from Texas, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and more.



May 18th · Opening Reception, 6:30-9:30p, $5 admission, cash bar and appetizers

May 21st · Print Matters, 11:00a-2:00p, woodcut workshop with Juan Fuentes and guests.
Join us for a day of Mono-printing in the MCCLA Main Gallery Free for children and teens, $5 for adults.

Space is limited. RSVP at galleryasst@missionculturalcenter.org

June 1st · Tal(ler)es, 6:30-9:30p, free, Join us for a night of conversation on the politics of printmaking. The panel will include Melanie Cervantes, Gilberto Cárdenas, Poli Marichal, Favianna Rodriguez, Pepe Coronado Studios (via SKYPE from New York), and special guest, Imin Yeh (whose works will be on exhibit in the Inti Raymi Gallery).


Arceo Press (Chicago. IL); Coronado Studio and The Serie Project (Austin, TX);
El Nopal Press (Los Angeles, CA); La Mano Press (Los Angeles, CA); Los de Abajo Printmaking Collective (Los Angeles, CA); Modern Multiples (Los Angeles, CA);
Pajaro Editions (San Francisco, CA); Pepe Coronado Studio and Print Projects (Hastings on Hudson, NY); Riomar Studio (South Bend, IN); Segura Publishing Company –(Tempe, AZ); Self Help Graphics (Los Angeles, CA); Taller Arte del Nuevo Amanecer (Woodland, CA); Taller Boricua (New York, NY); Taller Tupac Amaru (Oakland, CA);
Yollocalli Arts Reach (Chicago, IL)

june 2011

A Contemporary Look at Printmakers in the U.S.

March 26th- April 23rd (Main Gallery)
Curated by Curated by Frida Cano & Maurizzio Hector Pineda

April 13th curator’s walk-through. 7pm- 9pm free, cash bar
OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, March 30th 6-9:30pm, admission $5, cash bar
Performance by Paulina Velázquez Solís, March 30th, 7:30pm
Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturdays, 10am -5pm / tours available

Liminal Takes, Mujeres Latinoamericanas en el Arte


Neither here, nor there. Can culture be contained in a notion? Liminal Takes utilizes
installation, video, drawing, sewing, and other media to navigate “in-between”
spaces of culture and identity, challenging historic conceptions of “Latina art”
with contemporary alternatives.

ARTISTS: Ana Belén Cantoni: Perú / Colombia, Maria Burr: Chile, Paula Cobo: Chile,
María Ezcurra: Argentina / México, Jimena Mendoza: México,
Gabriela Peña Álvarez: Perú, Paulina Velázquez Solís: Costa Rica / México,
Neli Ruzic + Marie-Christine Camus: Croatia / México + France / México

"The Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts would like to thank Trumer Pils and Gracias Madre for their generous donations."

*Fundación/Colección Jumex scholar and Recipient of the Program Beca para Estudios en el Extranjero

2010-2011 del Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes.